Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, Jan 27, 2012 - US/Headlines - LifeSiteNews

Friday, January 27, 2012

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‘To Hell with you!’ That’s what Obama just told Catholics, says bishop

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jan 27 18:37 EST Abortion
Saying it's "really hard to believe that it happened," the bishop of Pittsburgh has taken aim at the Obama administration's abortifacient birth control mandate.

Revealed: the movies, TV shows, news agencies that most promoted homosexuality in 2011

John-Henry Westen Fri Jan 27 18:02 EST Homosexuality
GLAAD has released the list of nominations for its annual media awards for movies, news and television shows which most promote homosexuality.

Pro-life movie ‘Doonby’ is big on heart, low on preaching

Kristen Walker Fri Jan 27 16:38 EST Opinion
Doonby is not your typical anti-abortion movie. I don’t think the word “abortion” is used in the film, and it’s not even alluded to until the final scenes.

Birth control mandate meant to squeeze churches out of healthcare, says Congressman

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Jan 27 18:54 EST Abortion
"There's a coerciveness about this administration unlike any I've seen before," said Congressman Chris Smith.

Jill Stanek to pro-lifers: Don’t wait…use your gifts right now to help end abortion

Nancy Flanders Fri Jan 27 17:34 EST Abortion
Jill Stanek was a registered nurse at an Illinois hospital when she discovered that babies were being born alive after failed abortions and left to die with no medical care.

U.S. bishop asks Catholics: Are you a bigot?

Christine Dhanagom Fri Jan 27 14:52 EST Faith
Illinois Bishop Daniel Conlon has decried his state’s refusal to provide funding to Catholic adoption agencies over their refusal to adopt children to homosexuals.

‘They want to live!’: Congressmen’s March for Life speeches surprisingly personal

Ben Johnson Fri Jan 27 12:51 EST Abortion
“Having allowed my child, prematurely born by 10 weeks, to hold onto my finger for eight hours non-stop I came to know, they want to live!" said Rep. Louie Gohmert.

Black speaker at March for Life: abortion is ‘genocidal,’ ‘the Destruction of a People’

Ben Johnson Fri Jan 27 12:10 EST Abortion
“They want us to be silent because the president is a black man,” but the president's administration “is leading this nation and especially the African-Americans to absolute destruction,” said Robinson

Ontario’s Catholic leaders take strong stand against homosexual activism in schools

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jan 27 17:38 EST Faith
The Catholic schools’ stand could set up a confrontation with Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government which has been pushing strongly for gay-straight alliances in schools.

Ontario gvmt won’t cut abortion funding despite threats of limiting C-sections

Patrick B. Craine Fri Jan 27 15:27 EST Abortion
“Why [stop paying] for a procedure which brings forth new life when instead you can do away with one which eliminates life?” asked one teacher with two children born by C-section.

Why the mainstream media ignores or distorts the March for Life

Kristen Walker Fri Jan 27 17:06 EST Opinion
New media is the key to winning the information war when it comes to abortion. Tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest your pro-life views from the digital mountaintop.

3/4s of British Christians say anti-Christian discrimination is on the rise: poll

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Jan 27 16:33 EST Faith
The results showed that 66 percent believe the marginalization of Christians is increasing in the government compared to 59 percent the year before.

Pro-aborts throw rocks, trash at pro-lifers protesting abortions at Barcelona Catholic hospital

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jan 27 11:24 EST Abortion
The pro-lifers were protesting earlier this week against abortions taking place at a Barcelona Catholic hospital.

Nazi extermination of thousands of disabled children featured in new Berlin museum exhibit

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Fri Jan 27 10:55 EST Abortion
"How is [what the Nazis did] different from today's society which treats pre-born children as objects to be used," asked Stephanie Gray of the pro-life group CCBR.

From ‘unconcerned about abortion’ to ‘thinking it should be illegal’ in less than a year

Peter Baklinski Fri Jan 27 13:43 EST Culture of Life
Liz Millican, 27, describes herself as a “normal person” who had never “thought much about the issue of abortion.” But that all changed for two reasons.

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