Friday, May 25, 2012

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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Obama Mandate and Birth Control
By Peggy Hamill
Pro-Life Wisconsin founder Peggy Hamill has been on the front lines confronting the culture of death for many years. Her wisdom is golden. You will find her presentation of the connections between our June 2 The Pill Kills event and the Obama mandate rallies inspiring, educational, and motivational. Working together we can stop the deadly march of those who believe recreational drugs like the birth control pill are a necessity. 

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Bowen's Heart: A choice for life, despite a serious defect
Live Action News
Matt Hammit is the lead singer for Grammy-nominated Sanctus Real, a popular Christian band with multiple number-one hits. In September of 2010, Matt's wife Sarah gave birth to their very first son, Bowen Matthew Hammit. The Hammit family tells the story in their own words.  

WHO ignores link between growing incidence of preterm birth and abortion
Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute
The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released an important new study looking at the growing and harmful medical phenomenon of "pre-term birth." The "WHO Global Action Report on Preterm Birth" estimates that more than 1 in 10 babies born in 2010 were born prematurely, that is, "before 37 weeks of pregnancy are completed." This represents an estimated 15 million preterm births, with 1 million deaths directly relating to prematurity. The reasons for this increase are not entirely clear. . . . But one important factor is consciously omitted in the list, abortion. The References section of the WHO report mentions two studies that demonstrate an increased risk of preterm birth associated with abortion. Yet the body of the 126-page long report is completely silent on abortion.  

Guttmacher inflates abortion numbers in Latin America
Turtle Bay and Beyond
A recent article in a medical journal in Mexico completely debunks the Guttmacher Institute numbers on "unsafe" abortions in several Latin American countries. The study found that the Guttmacher methodology is not only unsound scientifically, but unprofessional. According to the authors Guttamcher did not only obtain estimates that are empirically impossible through unsound methodology, but they failed to validate their numbers with estimates that are readily attainable through tested and established epidemiological methods. The article is a very important addition to the growing number of studies on abortion that conflict with the conclusions of well funded organizations that promote abortion worldwide.