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LifeSiteNews - Thursday May 17 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Obama puts gay ‘marriage’ stance front and center on the campaign trail

Christine Dhanagom Thu May 17 15:41 EST Homosexuality

The president has reiterated his new stance in a recently released campaign video, and in comments to the media and potential donors.

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquio banned from shopping mall over gay ‘marriage’ remarks

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu May 17 14:57 EST Family

A spokesman said the shopping center is for "all Angelenos" and "not a place for intolerance," and therefore Pacquiao would be banned from its premises.

What the Pill is doing to our water supply

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Thu May 17 13:10 EST Opinion

Many questions remain unanswered regarding the long-term and environmental effects of the hormones used in oral contraceptives.

Bishops ready to fight HHS mandate in court

Kathleen Gilbert Thu May 17 19:19 EST Contraception

The U.S. Bishops Conference (USCCB) has warned that it was prepared to take the Obama administration to court if it won't rescind a rule forcing religious employers to pay for employees' birth control.

Iowa bishop reverses decision, allows LGBT scholarship award at Catholic high school

Kathleen Gilbert Thu May 17 16:14 EST Faith

Bishop Martin J. Amos caused a national media uproar on Monday after he stated that the award should not be a public part of Fuller's graduation ceremony.

Poll: 77% of Americans support ban on sex-selective abortion

John-Henry Westen Thu May 17 15:45 EST Abortion

Among women, support for a law making sex-selection abortion illegal is higher (80-13 percent) than it is among men.

Profs at Jesuit universities lash out at bishops for opposing HHS mandate, gay ‘marriage’

Kathleen Gilbert Thu May 17 11:33 EST Abortion

Recently Pope Benedict emphasized to U.S. bishops that reform of Catholic universities is the “most urgent challenge” facing the Church in the country.

Rhode Island governor ‘acting as a dictator’ with same-sex ‘marriage’ executive order, foes say

Ben Johnson Thu May 17 09:56 EST Homosexuality

A pro-life Congressional candidate tells LifeSiteNews Lincoln Chafee is “forcing same sex 'marriage' without the approval of the people.”

Tory MP calls for end to ‘bullying’ against unborn children

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 17 14:28 EST Abortion

In light of the recent push across the country for anti-bullying bills, a Conservative MP is calling for a ban on "the most cruel and most common bullying of all": abortion.

Toronto Catholic school hosts ‘transgendered’ Miss Universe contestant

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 17 13:50 EST Faith

A Toronto Catholic elementary school is under fire after hosting a “transgendered” Miss Universe Canada contestant on Tuesday in the run-up to the annual spectacle this weekend.

Canadian gvmt calls for LifeSite readers to complain against tax-funded ‘tell-all’ sex exhibit

Patrick B. Craine Thu May 17 08:47 EST Family

Canada’s federal government says a tax-funded “tell-all” sex exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology “cannot be defended” and they are calling on LifeSiteNews readers to complain to the museum.

UNFPA new trick: Fights to Make Population Control a Priority at Environmental Conference

Timothy Herrmann Thu May 17 20:25 EST Abortion

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is taking advantage of the upcoming Rio+20 conference in June to promote population control and reproductive rights as the backbone of sustainable development and poverty eradication.

Damian Goddard: Pacquiao Packs a Punch for Traditional Marriage

Damian Goddard Thu May 17 20:10 EST Opinion

Canadian sportscaster fired for tweet supporting traditional marriage comments on attacks against Filipino boxer who publicly disagreed with Barak Obama's support for homosexual "marriage".

Crackdown on mainland births in Hong Kong hospitals to avoid one child policy

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu May 17 19:33 EST Abortion

In the last ten years, Hong Kong has become a refuge of sorts for couples seeking to have a second child under China's strictly, and often brutally enforced One Child Policy.

Socialist political parties seek removal of Spanish bishop for ‘homophobia’

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu May 17 18:27 EST Faith

Three socialist parties in the government, have passed a resolution demanding the exclusion of the local bishop from all local government functions for preaching always held Catholic Church doctrines on homosexual behavior.

New Obama biography, ‘The Amateur,’ gets it all wrong about Obama and the Born Alive bill

Jill Stanek Thu May 17 13:48 EST Opinion

Did Obama vote repeatedly against a bill to protect babies born alive after failed abortions? Yup! But a new biography gets the details all wrong.

‘Egg broker’ company targets Cambridge students for paid ova ‘donations’

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu May 17 12:30 EST Bioethics

Pro-life leader Anthony Ozimic condemned the practice, saying it “exploits cash-strapped students at a formative time."

Gay ‘non-discrimination’ bill could lead to persecution of Chilean Christians: pro-family group

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu May 17 11:51 EST Homosexuality

"How will an adoption agency be able to deny an adoption to a homosexual?" the organization asks.

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