Monday, May 28, 2012

Reminders of their deeds are all around us . . .

National Right to Life

We’re in the heat of an election year.
We wouldn’t be without those who fell in battle so we could vote. 
The school where you drop your child each morning proudly flies an American flag. 

It wouldn’t except for the sacrifices of those who honored that flag with their lives.
The ballgame you attend this summer will start with the national anthem.

That song was born with soldiers who were protecting our country.  The song has survived because so many of them did not. 
This Memorial Day, many of us will enjoy the freedom to travel, the freedom to associate with friends and loved ones, the freedom to do as we wish. 

Freedom is not free.  Many paid much so we could enjoy.
It is said that America is the most generous nation the world has ever known.

But the most generous act of all was given by servicemen and women who died to keep America great.
They served with honor.
          Honor them. 

All of us at National Right to Life offer our thanks and prayers today, Memorial Day, for the valor and sacrifice of the servicemen and women who made it possible for us to live lives full of freedom and possibility.  From the beginning of our nation’s existence, they fought and died to defend those hallowed values in America’s founding document:  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  As a gift from them, may all Americans, born and unborn, present and future, live in a society that respects life and values the dignity and worth of every human being. 

NRLC PresidentSincerely,
Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life
512 10th St. NW, Washington, DC 20004