Monday, May 21, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Monday May 21 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

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LifeSiteNews Canadian staff were on holiday today.We will be back to near full strength on Tuesday.

The ever-controversial Michael Voris coming to Toronto and Ottawa May 24-26 - John-Henry Westen
Unprecedented: Five Kansas Supreme Court justices recuse themselves in Kline case - Jill Stanek
The Culture of Death’s ‘golden idols’: six roasted abortion victims found on black market - Kathleen Gilbert

Abortionist: banning abortions of babies who feel pain would ‘conflate murder and abortion’

Kathleen Gilbert Mon May 21 17:49 EST Abortion

D.C. abortionist Willie Parker also claims he "thought a lot about what Dr. [Martin Luther] King has said" before choosing his career.

Willie Parker, D.C. abortionist.

Alabama pro-lifers celebrate closure of notorious Birmingham abortion facility

Christine Dhanagom Mon May 21 17:23 EST Abortion

Closing a clinic implicated in three botched abortions "is an example of what can be accomplished when pro-life groups work together," says Operation Rescue president Troy Newman.

This facility closed on schedule.

Updated: 43 Catholic organizations, including Notre Dame, sue Obama administration over HHS mandate

Ben Johnson Mon May 21 11:53 EST Contraception

The president of Notre Dame writes the mandate would be “the end of genuinely religious organizations in all but name.”

Despite increased risk of ‘heavy bleeding,’ study promotes post-abortion phone follow-up

Ben Johnson Mon May 21 19:52 EST Abortion

Women who follow-up by phone are four-times more likely to suffer from “heavy bleeding.”

Florida ordinance could give ‘transgender’ men access to women’s restrooms

Ben Johnson Mon May 21 18:55 EST Freedom

The measure will “further infringe on the religious freedoms of Christians, and the majority of mainstream Americans who do not accept such alternative lifestyles as normal,” said a local Christian businessman.

Planned Parenthood celebrates ‘National Masturbation Month’

Kathleen Gilbert Mon May 21 15:29 EST Bioethics

The parenting section of Planned Parenthood's website tells parents to encourage elementary-age children to experiment with masturbation.

An originator of Planned Parenthood's holiday.

Oklahoma Senate defends marriage

Christine Dhanagom Mon May 21 15:16 EST Homosexuality

“I believe traditional one man, one woman marriage is still the bedrock of our society," said the bill's author.

OK State Sen. Clark Jolley.

Ex-homosexual group sues Washington school district for discriminating against reformed homosexuals

Ben Johnson Mon May 21 13:22 EST Homosexuality

A school superintendent "definitely has a problem with ex-gays,” PFOX Executive Director Regina Griggs told


U.K. riots probe fails to note role of fatherlessness: gov’t panelist

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon May 21 18:15 EST Family

"[T]he best way to begin to turn around our struggling, crime-ridden, fatherless communities — and the only way to save the futures of terrified, miserable children — is to acknowledge the facts and policies that brought us here,” Marcus wrote.


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