Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Heroic News: “Urgent: Oppression of MDs in the UK” plus 5 more


Urgent: Oppression of MDs in the UK

Posted: 30 May 2012 10:36 AM PDT

A draft of new guidelines titled “Personal beliefs and medical practice” issued by the UK’s General Medical Council warns doctors that exercising their conscience rights to not prescribe contraceptives, including the abortifacient morning after pill, as well as not referring for abortion or performing “gender reassignment surgery,” could endanger their license to practice.

Planned Parenthood vs. Romney


Posted: 30 May 2012 08:48 AM PDT

The political arm of abortion giant Planned Parenthood officially endorsed President Barack Obama on Wednesday, and simultaneously announced a seven-figure ad buy targeting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

DC official calls Franks a "bully" for bill to limit abortions in the city

Posted: 30 May 2012 08:05 AM PDT

Trent Franks, R-Glendale, has said his bill to restrict abortions in the District is a matter of human rights.

Priests for Life Supports Ban on Gender-Specific Abortion

Posted: 30 May 2012 07:49 AM PDT

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today issued a statement in favor of the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA), which is expected to be voted on in the House of Representatives this evening.

New Denver Archbishop: 'Tremendous joy in saving an unborn child'

Posted: 30 May 2012 07:41 AM PDT

The archbishop-designate of Denver, the Most Rev. Samuel J. Aquila, has heartened the pro-life community with his long history of pro-life activism.

The antidote to Cosmo

Posted: 30 May 2012 07:24 AM PDT

Apparently it takes just three minutes of looking at the sculpted bodies (too often sculpted by bulimia and chain smoking, I fear) of the models that stride, flounce, and pirouette through their pages to make 70 per cent of women "depressed, guilty, and ashamed."