Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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* An Image is worth a thousand words - Fr. Frank Pavone
* The most heartrending abortion testimony you’ll ever hear, from a former abortionist - John Jalsevac

Democratic candidate, Planned Parenthood employee cited for DUI after striking 7-year-old girl

Ben Johnson Tue May 29 13:13 EST Abortion

Carmen Toft, 32, is the South Dakota Public Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.

Carmen Toft, 32, Planned Parenthood employe and Democratic p

Thank goodness I can still cringe

Dave Andrusko Tue May 29 11:57 EST Opinion

According to abortionists, ripping off arms and legs—and brains spilling out as a baby’s head is crushed—is just like “your last dental cleaning.”

Undercover video: Planned Parenthood coaches on sex-selection abortion of baby girl

Kathleen Gilbert Tue May 29 08:15 EST Abortion

"A lot of doctors will place judgment because the brain is already developed, a lot. Pretty much everything's already developed," a Planned Parenthood worker tells the camera.

New archbishop of Denver: There’s ‘tremendous joy when you know you’ve saved an unborn child’

Ben Johnson Tue May 29 17:42 EST Abortion

Archbishop-designate Samuel J. Aquila has taken part in 40 Days for Life, defended marriage, and suggested excommunicating pro-abortion politicians.

Planned Parenthood fires employee, but admits it won’t refuse sex-selection abortions

Kathleen Gilbert Tue May 29 13:39 EST Abortion

In its response, the abortion group claimed the counselor, described as holding an entry-level position, did not follow undisclosed "protocol."

Toronto Cardinal warns Ontario Liberal gov’t may force gay agenda into Catholic schools

John-Henry Westen Tue May 29 17:19 EST Homosexuality

Cardinal Collins says he finds it "troubling" if Bill 13 is suggesting there is something wrong about Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

Ontario Govt blocked access to abortion data because it is ‘highly sensitive’

Peter Baklinski Tue May 29 16:11 EST Abortion

The Ontario government quietly passed a bill blocking access to the province’s abortion data even with a Freedom of Information request.

Canada’s historic pro-life motion to face vote June 13th

Patrick B. Craine Tue May 29 14:05 EST Abortion

Conservative MP Steve Woodworth’s historic motion (M-312) to debate the personhood of unborn Canadians in Parliament is set for June 13th, the MP revealed Tuesday.

Pro-lifers swamp Vancouver with bloody abortion pics as they launch New Abortion Caravan

Patrick B. Craine Tue May 29 12:11 EST Abortion

Dozens of young people are set to launch the “New Abortion Caravan” in Vancouver Tuesday as an anti-abortion version of the 1970 campaign that sought to repeal Canada's abortion laws.

Parents who would have aborted their children can still sue, Israeli Supreme Court rules

Ben Johnson Tue May 29 16:50 EST Abortion

Israel ends 'wrongful life' lawsuits, but allows 'wrongful birth' lawsuits.

Doctors must refer for abortion, perform ‘gender reassignment surgery’: UK draft guidelines

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue May 29 16:25 EST Abortion

Bishop Tom Williams, said, "Both religion and conscientious objection seem to be treated as problems to be minimised and circumscribed as much as possible."

Google opposes legislation requiring ISPs to filter porn

Katie Craine Tue May 29 15:00 EST Family

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed interest in passing legislation that would require ISPs to provide such filters.

An unknown unknown for gay marriage supporters

Michael Cook Tue May 29 11:02 EST Opinion

Same-sex marriage has a dark secret: its potential for exploiting women in developing countries.

The seduction of pornography

Albert Mohler Tue May 29 10:40 EST Opinion

The intersection of pornography and marriage is one of the most problematic issues among many couples today–including Christian couples.

Drowning out the heartbeat

Eric Mataxas Tue May 29 10:21 EST Opinion

When it comes to the truth about abortion, the other side just isn’t listening.

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