Tuesday, May 22, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Tuesday May 22 2012


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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I killed two of my children: fifteen years later and silent no more

Katrina Fernandez                                   Tue May 22 16:25 EST Opinion

I am choosing this day to find my voice. Here is the truth I spent so many years denying and keeping from the public – I killed two of my children.

Pelosi slams measure to protect military chaplains from being forced to hold gay weddings

Kathleen Gilbert Tue May 22 16:12 EST Faith

"Welcome to the world of manufactured crises. Here’s one," Pelosi responded to questions about chaplains' conscience rights.

Evangelicals respond to Catholic lawsuits:  ‘We are all Catholic now’

Ben Johnson Tue May 22 15:09 EST Abortion

“The religious community stands together,” says Concerned Women for America President Penny Nance.

Vermont ordinance could ban pro-lifers from protesting at Planned Parenthood clinic

Ben Johnson Tue May 22 17:46 EST Abortion

“We're not going to sit around and have our First Amendment rights trampled,” Mary Beerworth of Vermont Right to Life told LifeSiteNews.com.


Video: I had an abortion in 1979 and I still remember my baby’s ‘birthday’

Kathleen Gilbert Tue May 22 10:55 EST Abortion

"I had no idea that at 12 weeks when I aborted my baby, the baby was developed and had feeling and had a heartbeat," says the mother.

Ontario transgender bill passes 2nd reading

Peter Baklinski Tue May 22 17:35 EST Homosexuality

During debate the sponsor of the bill labelled Joan of Arc, the revered Catholic saint, an historic transgender person.

Canadian bishops’ org. exhorts Catholics to get involved in pro-life

Patrick B. Craine Tue May 22 15:30 EST Abortion

"The status quo is intolerable. As a civilized country, Canada is in need of legislative reform and of great cultural renewal,” COLF writes.

Family of 10 loses custom-built vehicle at border: cries ‘discrimination’

Peter Baklinski Tue May 22 13:54 EST Family

A large family in Saskatchewan is crying foul after government officials at the Canadian border impounded their Canadian purchased vehicle after it had been modified in the U.S.

Canadian pro-life group launches cross-country ‘Abortion Caravan’

Patrick B. Craine Tue May 22 08:03 EST Abortion

The tour from Vancouver to Ottawa piggybacks on the 1970 Abortion Caravan when Canadian activists demanded a repeal of the abortion law.


Vatican expects 1 million to attend World Meeting of Families Papal Mass

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue May 22 17:14 EST Faith

The World Meeting of Families is held every three years in different cities around the world - this year in Milan.


A diet of popcorn: mindless entertainment at the movies

Eric Mataxas                                   Tue May 22 14:35 EST Opinion

Is there anything wrong with a little mindless entertainment? Well, maybe not, but too many of us are engaging in a lot more than just a little of it.

Using time well in a networked world

Kevin de Souza                                   Tue May 22 12:29 EST Opinion

While everyone may be getting a smartphone, not all are getting smarter.

Praising the play while ignoring the performance: Obama’s misguided support for gay ‘marriage’

Donald DeMarco, Ph.D.                                   Tue May 22 11:38 EST Opinion

The kindest thing one can say about a person who ignores the issue, ignores the facts and ignores the consequences is that he is a misguided ignoramus.

David is advancing: young pro-lifers on the march in Europe

Joannes Bucher                                   Tue May 22 10:37 EST Opinion

All across the continent, the pro-life movement is flush with young people who are organizing energetic marches for life.

Dad commits suicide after girlfriend threatens abortion

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue May 22 09:59 EST Abortion

One of the least talked-about aspects of the abortion debate is its impact on men.

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