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Wednesday, May 30, 2012
One Hell of a War
By Michael Hichborn
The shortest sermon I ever heard was given on the hottest day of summer. After the gospel, the priest wiped his brow with a cloth, stood at the podium for a moment, and said, "It's hot out. But hell is damned hot!" At the start of every summer, as I engage in the annual thermostat war with my family, I think about the reality of how much worse hell is than the discomfort of summer humidity.
The phrase "culture war" was reinvigorated sometime in the 1990s as a way to describe the fight between two clear sides over abortion, homosexuality, drug use, and euthanasia. But in a war, there aren't just opposing sides; there are battlegrounds, there are weapons, there are soldiers, there are victories, and there are losses. So, as we look at the war we are waging in defense of preborn babies, the elderly, and the infirm, how do we know the parameters? For me, the answer came about in the least expected manner. 

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Life News

Planned Parenthood officials have responded to [yesterday's] expose' video showing how a staffer at an Austin, Texas planned Parenthood clinic encouraged a woman inquiring about an abortion to determine the gender of her unborn child to have one. Planned Parenthood officials responded to the video in a statement to the liberal Huffington Post and admitted they will not deny women abortions for any reason, including sex-selection abortions. As the Post reports: "This spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Federation of America also told The Huffington Post that the organization condemns seeking abortions on the basis of gender, but its policy is to provide "high quality, confidential, nonjudgmental care to all who come into" its health centers. That means that no Planned Parenthood clinic will deny a woman an abortion based on her reasons for wanting one, except in those states that explicitly prohibit sex-selective abortions (Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Illinois)."  

Planned Parenthood performs an abortion every 96 seconds
Live Action News blogger Stephen Foster recently tried to refute claims made by Pennsylvania representative Daryl Metcalfe about Planned Parenthood, titling the article "Pennsylvania Congressman Falsely Claims That Planned Parenthood Performs An Abortion 'Every 95 Seconds.'" Sorry, Foster, but this assertion is accurate. I'll break it down for you. Planned Parenthood performs 330,000 of the 1,200,000 abortions in America annually. This means that Planned Parenthood performs about 27% of all American abortions, or 903 of the 3,285 abortions performed daily. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Calculate the 903 abortions Planned Parenthood commits on a daily basis into the 86,400 seconds PP has to do them, and you have an abortion performed by Planned Parenthood every 96 seconds.  

The Telegraph

The General Medical Council [United Kingdom] has issued guidance warning that it would be "discriminatory" for doctors not to prescribe either the pill or morning-after pill because they disagree with people having sex before marriage. Senior Catholic bishops and campaigners have criticized the new orders claiming they will force Christian doctors and others with strong moral beliefs to prescribe treatments against their consciences.

The draft GMC guidelines, entitled Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice, stipulate that doctors "cannot be willing to provide married women with contraception but unwilling to prescribe it for unmarried women. . . . This would be a breach of our guidance as you would be refusing to treat a particular group of patients." It also warns it would be illegal for doctors to refuse to carry out "gender reassignment," because it would also amount to discrimination.