Thursday, September 27, 2012

Actsfive29, will be held in Lafayette Park Saturday, September 29 through Tuesday, October 2.

We Must Obey God Rather Than Men!

The future of religious freedom in America is at risk!
Join us for 72 hours of prayer and arrests at The White House

With the recent Supreme Court ruling affirming Obamacare, the future of religious freedom in America is at risk, and in grave danger of being entirely wiped out. Obamacare will force institutions, churches and individuals to purchase abortion-inducing drugs, and pay for sterilization and abortion in direct opposition to their beliefs, conscience and historic teachings of the Church.

For the first time in our nation’s history, our government is forcing people of faith and conscience to abandon their deeply held values and core beliefs. The President is now “dictating” to Christians how they are to live their faith. The government is replacing the teachings of Scripture, the Church, and our conscience, demanding that we bow down before their dictates.

If the Christian community does not take a stand and send a powerful message to President Obama that we “must obey God rather than man,” and we “will never comply” with immoral and unjust government mandates that violate our faith — religious freedom and the First Amendment will be trampled before our very eyes.

We cannot simply stand and watch while our religious freedoms are stripped away!

Beginning at 5:00 p.m. on September 29, 2012 we will engage in 72 hours of prayer and arrests in front of the White House. We will prayerfully and peacefully assemble and the only grounds for arrest will be that our location is often a “restricted” zone for free-speech, so our defiance of the HHS Mandate will be taken as unprotected speech.

This will be a two-fold witness. First, we will be a prophetic witness to those within the Church. We will demonstrate with our lives and personal freedom what the future for the church in America will be if the church does not rise in opposition to the ungodly Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate.

We will be a prophetic witness to the Church, declaring: “If they outlaw your faith, the faithful become outlaws.” We will be arrested as an act of civil disobedience, in Godly obedience, as a warning to the church: Stand against this mandate now, join us in Washington, make your voice heard! We must obey God rather than man or soon jail may be the only option.

The Supreme Court has declared Obamacare constitutional
but the Supreme Court did not and cannot declare it right!

The second part of our witness is to those in government: We are a nation ruled by those we choose by our votes. So we are sending those in elected office a warning: you hold office because we chose you — and we will not comply! We will not pay the $1 monthly abortion surcharge, we will not pay for abortion-inducing drugs and other unconscionable practices demanded of us through the HHS mandate, and we will not surrender our freedoms as delineated in the Declaration and our Constitution.

And we will go to jail before we do.

Today our arrests will be voluntary, a living witness to the church and to the government — tomorrow arrest may be the only option if we are unwilling to pay to have someone’s child murdered.

Please join with us as we send a powerful message to those within the church and to our elected officials through peaceful civil disobedience! Just as MLK was arrested for the rights of his fellow men, so we will stand. This will be 72 hours of prayer and arrests in front of the White House! This moment is fraught with an unprecedented “urgency of the hour”; thus, we are issuing a national call for Christians, and all our fellow Americans of whatever creed, to come to the White House and be part of this prayerful, peaceful, and prophetic witness for life and justice: ActsFive29.

Join us September 29 through October 2, 2012 as we humbly and boldly lay down our lives and our freedom so that future generations will have that freedom, and the liberty to practice their faith.

Will you join us in prayer and action?

Will you go with us to Washington, D.C. and be part of this historic event?

Will you support us in prayer? Will you tell others?

You have a part to play, a duty in this day of crisis.

Please join us now!

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Hundreds to Gather in Front of the White House for 3 Days of Prayer, Rallies and Civil Disobedience in Support of Religious Freedom
WASHINGTON, Sept. 27, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Individuals and groups to speak out against President Obama's HHS Mandate which forces people of faith and conscience to violate their deeply held religious beliefs and core values.

The event, which is called Actsfive29, will be held in Lafayette Park Saturday, September 29 through Tuesday, October 2.

Go to or for more information.

The issue of religious freedom and the HHS Mandate will play a critical role in the upcoming Presidential election and is a major voting issue for Catholics and Evangelicals.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states:

"For the faith community, we can never be silent or indifferent when it comes to matters of justice, human rights and religious freedom. As people of principle and faith, we must purpose in our hearts that we will never comply with an unjust or immoral government mandate which would require us to violate our conscience, the teachings of the Scriptures and the historic teachings of the Church.

"We want to make it clear to President Obama and all public officials that we would rather spend time in jail that to be forced into complying with a mandate that crushes religious freedom."
Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, adds,
"Therefore our reaction to the HHS Mandate is not only in the press, in the courts, and in the Congress. It is, should be, and will be in the streets. Civil disobedience must be part of the response."
Kristina Garza, Campus Outreach Director for Survivors, states,
"As a practicing Catholic, I am stunned that President Obama would show such a profound disrespect for religious freedom, civil liberties and the First Amendment.

"I agree with Cardinal Dolan when he says, 'No government has the right to intrude into the affairs of the Church, much less coerce, the Church faithful to engage or cooperate in any way with immoral practices. It is the place of the Church, not of government to define religious identity.'

"Mr. President do not tell us how to live our faith."
Schedule of events:

Saturday, September 29:
5:00 P.M. Civil disobedience and arrests in front of the White House. (Pennsylvania Ave. Side.)
Sunday, September 30:
12:00 P.M. Hundreds praying the Rosary in Lafayette Park led by Father Pavone of Priest for Life.

1:30-3:30 P.M. Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in Lafayette Park

4:00 P.M. Civil disobedience and arrests in front of the White House.
Monday and Tuesday, October 1-October 2
12:00 P.M. Civil disobedience and arrests in front of the White House.
For more information or interviews call:

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540.538.4741