Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
In Vitro Fertilization: The Human Cost
By Arland K. Nichols
For the couple who desperately wants a child, in vitro fertilization often seems like a good option. Many couples go into the procedure with limited knowledge and a tremendous amount of hope. But they do not realize the sad reality that, while the procedure may result in the birth of a child, it will result in the death of children as well. Today's guest commentary examines why the Catholic Church is opposed to this procedure and why one doctor chose to leave his practice because of this. 

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ALL president on Don Kroah radio show
WAVA 105.1
Listen to Judie Brown, president and co-founder of American Life League, explain the status of the pro-life movement today as a featured guest on the The Don Kroah radio show (WAVA 105.1 Baltimore/Washington, D.C.) which aired September 24, 2012.   

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Cuckoo for contraceptives
On September 21 the Huffington Post published results of a new survey on contraceptive use. The most provocative find: "The pill is the most popular form of contraception. About 15 percent of women reported using the pill in the last 30 days, compared to 8 percent who said they used a male condom." Note the spin. "The most popular form of contraception" is used only 15% of the time. Another interesting find: "Forty-three percent of women who had been pregnant previously, had experienced at least one unintended pregnancy. Of those 43 percent, 50 percent said that their unintended pregnancies had occurred as the result of failed birth control (i.e. a ripped condom or not taking their birth control pill regularly)." In other words, contraceptives used in real time (not in theory) have a 50% failure rate. Aside from the fact the female public doesn't like the Pill, and aside from the fact contraceptives have a dismal success rate, feminists and the abortion industry are currently pushing for pandemic distribution of free hormonal contraceptives because, they say, it's what women want and need to prevent unintended pregnancy.  

Another judge halts Holder's prosecution of pro-lifer
World Net Daily
Barack Obama's hand-picked attorney general, Eric Holder, has been blocked by a federal court in his effort to punish a pro-life protester for the third time in recent months. The latest case came in Louisville, Ky., where Holder was asking for a summary judg-
ment----essentially a court's conclusion that the evidence was overwhelming----so pro-life activist David Hamilton could be punished immediately. U.S. District Judge Jennifer B. Coffman, however, concluded the evidence in the case indicates "multiple genuine disputes of material fact."  

StemGenex to launch adult stem cell-based 
therapy to relieve COPD symptoms
The Sacramento Bee
New developments in regenerative medicine are bringing about exciting, novel approaches to create therapies for hard to treat diseases. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a hard to treat disorder that progressively blocks airflow in the lungs making it increasingly difficult for an individual to breathe, and is one of the leading illnesses in the US. Yet, current treatments for COPD can only try to limit the extent of damage to the lungs, and to bring some relief from symptoms. Novel treatments for COPD are urgently needed, and new applications with the use of adult stem cells may have much benefit. This is because adult stem cells have an ability to differentiate into many different types of cells, such as those required for healthy, functioning lung tissue. Also, adult stem cells can be isolated with ease from an individual's own fat tissue, and so adult stem cell therapy is not subject to the ethical or religious issues that trouble some other methods.