Monday, September 24, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Monday Sep 24 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

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Bishops support use of abortion imagery, compare abortion to Holocaust - Stephanie Gray

Paul Ryan: HHS mandate will be gone on ‘day 1’ of a Romney administration

Ben Johnson Mon Sep 24 15:45 EST Abortion

Ryan told a crowd at the University of Central Florida the contraception and abortifacient mandate is “an assault on religious liberty.”

Paul Ryan

Chick-fil-A has made ‘no such concessions’ to the gay agenda: Dan Cathy denies media reports

Ben Johnson Mon Sep 24 13:02 EST Family

The restaurant will not change its grant formula to curry favor with a left-wing Chicago alderman.

Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy.

Kids on the cliff: adoption tax breaks threatened

John Stonestreet Mon Sep 24 10:02 EST Opinion

While Congress and the Administration continue the wrangling over the looming “fiscal cliff,” a very important, child-friendly tax credit is in danger.

NY schools give teens Plan B behind parents’ backs: Cardinal Dolan says ‘tragic and misguided’

Ben Johnson Mon Sep 24 16:27 EST Abortion

New York City's CATCH program offers abortifacient drugs and Depo-Provera to 22,000 students without parental notification.

Freedom of expression stifled by abortion, warns Canadian grandmother on national television

Peter Baklinski Mon Sep 24 19:38 EST Abortion

Linda Gibbons, 64, who is hailed as Canada's most often imprisoned pro-life sidewalk counsellor, spoke with Brian Lilley from Sun News in Ottawa during prime time on Friday.

Supreme Court: former prostitute, pro-prostitution group can challenge Canada’s prostitution laws

Thaddeus Baklinski Mon Sep 24 16:46 EST

Supreme Court Justice Cromwell said this week that the considerations for granting legal standing should be applied in a “liberal and generous manner.”

Harper gvmt confirms it will allow free vote on pro-life Motion 312: CBC reporter

Patrick B. Craine Mon Sep 24 14:21 EST Abortion

A CBC reporter says she has confirmed with Government Whip that the vote on M-312 will be free, both for Ministers and backbench MPs.

Irish pro-life campaigners welcome US Congressmen’s letter urging no change to abortion law

Hilary White Mon Sep 24 20:20 EST Abortion

The 17 Congressmen say Ireland is "an example to the world" in refusing to create legalized abortion. The letter raised questions about the recently-appointed expert group, assembled by the Health Minister to make a recommendation on how to respond to a European Court of Human Rights ruling that Ireland must "clarify" its law.

Two women die from botched abortions in Kenya

Ben Johnson Mon Sep 24 15:01 EST Abortion

The young woman's fellow students at St. Mark Teachers Training College discovered her “gasping and groaning in pain.”

BBC article on ‘gay therapies’ is simplistic, misleading and ignores much of the available evidence

Peter Saunders Mon Sep 24 11:45 EST Opinion

Should people with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction seek professional help? And if so what kind of help and what expectations should they realistically have?

Contracepting the world’s youth

Fr. Shenan Boquet Mon Sep 24 10:30 EST Opinion

I cannot overstate the danger of the international campaign to contracept our entire planet.

Redemption in a prison trashcan

Susanna Rose Mon Sep 24 14:30 EST Culture of Life

Christopher Yuan, a former drug dealer who was living the promiscuous homosexual lifestyle, found his redemption in the unlikeliest place.

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