Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Wednesday Sep 19 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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Pro-gay Chicago alderman claims Chick-fil-a has agreed to stop ‘anti-gay’ donations

John-Henry Westen Wed Sep 19 17:49 EST Homosexuality

However, it is unclear how much has really changed.

Survey: majority of Catholics oppose Obama invite to Al Smith dinner

Meaghen Hale Wed Sep 19 16:14 EST Abortion

Nearly 60% of those surveyed believe the invitation will influence fellow Catholics to vote for Obama.

Minnesota archbishop, dozens of clergy issue clarion call to defend marriage as vote looms

Johanna Dasteel Wed Sep 19 11:57 EST Homosexuality

“I ask all Minnesotans - all Minnesotans - to join us in voting yes on November 6th,” said Archbishop Nienstedt.

Pro-family views cost ex-Marine a superintendent job in Berkeley

Ben Johnson Wed Sep 19 16:26 EST Homosexuality

"In our liberalism and self-righteousness we can become myopic ourselves,” a school board member admitted.

Dr. Edmond Heatley withdrew after it became known he support

Abortionist: ‘Conscience compels abortion provision’

Denise J. Hunnell, MD Wed Sep 19 10:27 EST Abortion

An abortionist demands society provide "conscience" protection for those who feel duty-bound to terminate the unborn.

Letters 4 Life smashes goal of 100,000 pro-life letters to Parliament

Peter Baklinski Wed Sep 19 19:20 EST Abortion

After becoming appalled by Prime Minister Harper's apathy towards young life in the womb, Alexandra Jezierski started Letters4Life last March, a campaign to write 100,000 letters that "speak out against abortion.

Stats Canada bungles same-sex ‘marriage’ census numbers: includes roommates as gay couples

Peter Baklinski Wed Sep 19 14:14 EST Homosexuality

Statistics Canada noted today that it may have overestimated the number of same-sex ‘married’ couples by 4,500.

Unprecedented: Cdn Bishops block D&P’s fall campaign as dioceses refuse to distribute materials

Patrick B. Craine Wed Sep 19 12:22 EST Faith

The bishops’ beleaguered aid organization was forced to delay its traditional campaign until mid-October for revisions after complaints that it was too politically-focused.

Tens of thousands of pro-life postcards supporting M 312 backlogged at Parliament post office

Peter Baklinski Wed Sep 19 10:36 EST Abortion

“I don’t have the staff to do all this kind of stuff plus the regular mail,” said one post office supervisor. “I am receiving 10,000 [postcards] a day.”

Australian federal parliament resoundingly defeats same-sex ‘marriage’ bill

Hilary White Wed Sep 19 19:04 EST Family

The bill was resoundingly shut down in a vote of 98 to 42, but observers pointed out that the last vote had only 6 in favour.

40 babies flushed down toilets in Namibia each month: report

Ben Johnson Wed Sep 19 15:32 EST Abortion

Hardly a day passes that a newborn or preborn baby is not flushed down a toilet or left at a dump in the capital city.

Forced abortions to continue in China, expert says

Population Research Institute Wed Sep 19 11:42 EST Abortion

"How will officially successfully extort huge fines...if they can't threaten women with forced abortion and sterilization for not paying up?" asks Steven Mosher.

Baby bumps? Why not ‘fetus bumps’?

Kristi Burton Brown Wed Sep 19 11:06 EST Opinion

Does it really make women feel better to know that our children are called “babies” when we want them, but “fetuses” when we don't?

Population control advocates target East Africa

Brian Clowes Wed Sep 19 10:42 EST Opinion

It has its sights set on Tanzania, because it has one of the highest population growth rates on earth.

A Tanzanian billboard advertizes condoms.

British soap posts poll on whether characters should abort Down syndrome baby

Cassy Fiano Wed Sep 19 10:14 EST Opinion

Disappointing isn’t a strong enough word.

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