Friday, September 21, 2012


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Friday, September 21, 2012
Media-Perpetuated Hostility
By Judie Brown
In a world where known abortion survivors can be called liars by news sources, and more air and press time are given to trivial matters such as food consumption rather than the life of a child, it is no wonder that our society is in such trouble. A constant barrage of sick, immoral, and unethical practices invades every aspect of our days. We are told by the media to be "progressive" or to "get with the times." But there is no getting with the times when it comes to the life of a child. No matter the stage, a child is a unique individual who deserves the life God intended. Today's commentary addresses the effect the media has on our society and urges us to free ourselves from 
the deception its members perpetrate. 

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CBO: 6M people will pay penalty under health law's mandate
The Hill
Roughly 6 million people will pay a penalty under the individual mandate in President Obama's healthcare reform law, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday. CBO released new figures estimating the effects of the mandate in 2016, two years after it is set to take effect. The budget office had previously said 4 million people would have 
to pay the penalty, but upped its estimate because it now expects more people to be unemployed.  

The HHS mandate's other victims----The needy
The Bell Towers
The Obama Administration's mandate that religious employers provide contraception, abortifacients and sterilization for their employees is a monumental attack on religious liberty: never before has our government chosen to force American citizens to violate their consciences so directly. Yet while Alliance Defending Freedom successfully makes the case that this law violates employers' religious freedom, the potentially devastating impacts of this mandate on others should not be ignored. For because of this mandate, Christian ministries that refuse to compromise their faith will be forced to curtail their services to those in need, forcing them to choose between debilitating fines or abandoning aid to the poor and needy altogether.  

Euthanasia opponents in Boston gird for ballot battle
National Catholic Register
Last April, Father Roger Landry, a priest from the Fall River, Mass., Diocese, returned to his alma mater, Harvard University, to educate students about a ballot measure----"Prescribing Medication to End Life"----which Massachusetts voters will decide this November. The measure would legalize physician-assisted suicide in the state, and supporters say it offers a compassionate response to the pain and suffering of terminally ill patients. But Father Landry challenged that assertion during an address that outlined long-standing moral opposition to euthanasia, explained the cultural context for recent efforts to legalize such practices, and noted the particular concerns posed by the ballot measure.