Saturday, September 22, 2012

Media-perpetuated hostility by Judie Brown



In a world where known abortion survivors can be called liars by news sources, and more air and press time are given to trivial matters such as food consumption rather than the life of a child, it is no wonder that our society is in such trouble. A constant barrage of sick, immoral, and unethical practices invades every aspect of our days. We are told by the media to be "progressive" or to "get with the times." But there is no getting with the times when it comes to the life of a child. No matter the stage, a child is a unique individual who deserves the life God intended. Today's commentary addresses the effect the media has on our society and urges us to free ourselves from the deception its members perpetrate.

If the media salivates over killing the preborn, that's its problem. We must no longer fall prey to this blather.

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