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Reason #34 to Defeat Barack Obama: How a second Obama term would kill unborn children


Reason #34 to Defeat Barack Obama: 
How a second Obama term would kill unborn children


We still hear from a few people who say they are pro-life, but who intend to vote for Barack Obama for other reasons.  From reading their letters and hearing their arguments, I firmly believe we can win enough of these people to the pro-life Romney/Ryan camp to win the election.  Here’s why:
Polls show a majority of Americans oppose abortion.  But many Americans don’t understand that when they vote for a presidential candidate who supports abortion “rights,” they are voting for the killing of many thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of additional children.  They are also voting to allow the most brutal of late abortions.  There is no way around this fact. 
Take, for example, the president’s power to appoint Supreme Court justices and other federal judges.  Like it or not, these jurists wield such enormous power that they effectively set the boundaries for abortion policy in the United States. 
The fact that we had a pro-life president from 2001-2009 dramatically changed abortion jurisprudence – in other words, the way the Supreme Court looks at abortion.   After President Bush appointed two Supreme Court justices who believe the states and Congress have legitimate interests in protecting unborn life, the Court for the first time since Roe v. Wade allowed an entire method of performing late abortions – partial-birth abortion – to be banned, and not just regulated, as they had in previous rulings.
This was an enormous step forward because it suggested to us the Court might allow other abortions to be banned, as well.  As a result, we are now passing state laws to ban abortion when the child is old enough to feel pain.  These laws are preventing thousands of unborn babies from being brutally killed by late abortions in many states.  This would not have happened without President Bush’s appointment of two Supreme Court justices. 
But these humanitarian laws that save so many lives will likely be struck down if Obama gets a second term and has the chance to appoint even one Supreme Court justice as a replacement for one of the justices who have been voting to uphold limits on abortion.  And two of those justices will be 80 years old by 2016, when a second Obama term would end.
That means a second Obama term is a clear and present danger to the lives of unborn children, not some “theoretical” threat that justifies weighing “other” issues against it.  Simply put, anyone who thinks a vote for Obama isn’t a vote for many more aborted babies is wrong.  Dead wrong. 
Obama’s true commitment to eliminating laws that protect unborn children can be seen in his support for the “Freedom of Choice” Act.  This bill, which he co-sponsored as a U.S. Senator in 2007, would have overturned the federal ban on partial-birth abortions; mandated government funding of abortion by every state; and eliminated most other federal and state laws that restrict abortion.
Polls show a sizeable number of Americans will change their votes to the pro-life candidate when presented with these facts.  And that is precisely our strength!
The National Right to Life Victory Fund uses the most effective techniques to find and persuade pro-life voters to vote for the pro-life candidates because of the pro-life issue.  Exit polling shows we win over many more votes than pro-abortion PACs can, and because of that advantage, we sway many more races our way. 
Our strength is in making multiple, persuasive contacts to pro-life households, especially in the key battleground states, in order to make sure pro-lifers are getting out to vote and voting for our pro-life candidates.  It works, as the NRL political committee’s win rate of more than 2/3rds of races against pro-abortion PACs attests!
The key now, with less than six weeks to go before the election, is to ask for your help.  We are effective at winning elections because of those who support us financially so we can print and mail literature, buy advertising and conduct
extensive get-out-the-vote campaigns.  To win, we need you, now more than ever!
Please help us prevent a second Obama term by generously donating to the National Right to Life Victory Fund.  The NRL Victory Fund is a independent expenditure PAC, which means it can accept unlimited gifts from individuals and corporations.  This means you can make more of a difference now than perhaps ever before!
Please send your generous support today and please share this message with all your pro-life friends.  Thank you!

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life


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