Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heroic News: “Big win on campus for pro-life university students” plus 5 more

Eastern Michigan University has agreed to pay the legal fees of a student pro-life group and to change its policy after the group says EMU denied a college grant so it could erect a pro-life display on campus.
Margot Bentley’s husband, John, and her daughter, Katherine Hammond, contend that Margot’s wishes are being ignored since nursing home staff are spoon-feeding Bentley, an 82-year old former nurse who has been in a vegetative state for three years.
Wim Distelmans is unusual among physicians: when one of his patients dies, it means his "treatment" was a success. A long-time crusader for euthanasia, which was legalized in Belgium in 2002, Dr. Distelmans has made his name delivering death.
A video and pictures of an amazing baby with a fantastic story are circulating the Internet today. In the pictures and video, Benjamin Scot Miller of Columbus, Ohio depicts the transformation of baby born extremely premature, through his first year of his life.
An injunction against the federal contraception mandate granted to a group of non-profit Catholic organizations in Western Pennsylvania has been hailed as a key win for religious liberty.
The legislature of Australia’s island state, Tasmania, has passed an law which relieves abortion doctors of fear of prosecution and stifles dissent by conscientious objectors and protesters.