Monday, November 18, 2013

Heroic News: “Columbian baby declared dead found alive in morgue 10 hours later” plus 4 more


A premature Colombian baby was found alive by a morgue attendant 10 hours after doctors had declared her dead, officials said. Her parents named her Miracles.
A Cheney family feud erupted on Facebook after Liz Cheney reiterated her opposition to same-sex "marriage" in an interview with "Fox News Sunday" -- despite her sister Mary Cheney, who is gay, having recently "married her" longtime partner.
Call them “room service abortions.” Live Action has released a new undercover video this morning revealing that the Plaza Inn hotel in Albuquerque gives special discount rates and provides transportation for women seeking late-term abortions.
Research shows birth control use over three years could be a risk factor for glaucoma
"Abortion doesn’t “undo” your parent status. It doesn’t make you an un-mommy. You remain a mother, a father, a parent. You’re just the parent of a dead child – one whom you helped to destroy."