Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shock: New Video Shows Teen Access to Abortion Drug Easier than Cold Medicine

November 12, 2013

Announcing the Expose Plan B Project!

In 2009, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that the potentially abortion-inducing, morning-after pill "Plan B" could be sold to anyone age 17 and older, behind a pharmacy counter. While the birth-control pill remains to be sold by prescription only, after a doctor's exam, "Plan B" which is a super dosage of the birth-control pill was allowed for sale in drug stores across the nation with no doctor's exam necessary.

The argument for changing the way this drug was sold was to "prevent more unwanted pregnancies" while neglecting the facts that:
  • in Great Britain studies has routinely showed the more these types of pills are made the available, the abortion rate remains steady

  • this drug is potentially cancer-causing (the World Health Organization has labeled drugs like the birth-control pill to be just as carcinogenic as cigarettes)
  • ...and this drug is potentially life-ending because if conception has occurred before a woman takes this pill, it will prevent her child, still in human zygote form, from implanting into her uterus, causing an early abortion

Despite all of this, a pro-abortion judge, with no medical training, ruled this April that "Plan B" should be sold over-the-counter next to other feminine supplies and be allowed for anyone, any age to purchase. President Obama had previously said that even he wouldn't tolerate this.

But as Planned Parenthood and their Culture of Death allies launched a media campaign, he not-so-surprisingly changed his mind and urged the FDA to hear to the judge's ruling, which they did in June.

While the mainstream media won't talk about it, this August the game was changed in our battle to protect young girls from the abortion industry when drug stores across the nation began to adhere to the new FDA ruling... all because of one activist judge.

And quite honestly, our team was shocked that no one else in the pro-life movement was speaking out against this outrage. Everyone told us that while they were concerned, no one really cared and trying to do anything about it would be pointless because the news media wouldn't tell our story.

That was until, Students for Life decided to make our own news.

We decided to go undercover into 30 Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens stores across the nation, in New York, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, and Arizona, to find out what would happen when a 15 year old girl would try to purchase Sudafed, a common cold medicine, as well as "Plan B."

In every store we visited, she wasn't even allowed to purchase the Sudafed – YET THEY SOLD HER PLAN B!

In an effort to supposedly "help women" and give them "access," the abortion industry and their leaders at Planned Parenthood, have completely disregarded a woman’s health in the process. Young girls are now able to purchase an abortion-inducing drug without their parents’ permission but aren't able to buy cold medicine. The logic makes zero sense.

Part One of our Expose Plan B Project was just released this morning and some media folks have already picked it up, although many are hesitant to even talk about this subject.

Go to www.ExposePlanB.com right now to watch the video, get caught up on all of the facts, and find out what you can do to stop "Plan B" from being sold to minors. Then spread the word, using e-mail and social media! Check out the SFLA Facebook page for frequent updates and use our #PlanBPill hashtag on Twitter!


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