Sunday, January 18, 2009


This Is The Week To Let Our Voices Be Heard!
Please attend pro-life events and encourage the media to cover them
January 18, 2009 
Dear Friends of Life,
When Barack Obama won the presidency in November, many were saying that was the end of the pro-life movement in America.  They assumed that we would be so discouraged by what they considered a major set-back for us, that we would all stay home and forget about abortion.
You and I both know how wrong they were. 
We are more dedicated and determined than ever to stop abortion and restore legal protections to the pre-born! 
As the Obama administration takes office this week, pro-lifers will also be marking the 36th memorial of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that decriminalized abortion in America.
Let's send the message loud and clear to our nation that we will never give up until every baby is protected and abortion is merely a tragic chapter in our country's past. 
You can send that message by making it a point this week to attend the pro-life events in your area.
And to make sure the nation gets the message that one election cannot possibly deter us in our commitment to save innocent lives from the brutality of abortion, please contact the following media outlets and ask them to make sure to cover the March for Life in Washington, DC, the West Coast March for Life in San Francisco, and other pro-life events across the nation.  
NBC Nightly News
ABC World News With Charles Gibson
Click here for their e-mail form
CBS Evening News
The Fox Report  
You may also wish to contact the local media in your area and encourage them to cover pro-life events related to the 36th memorial of Roe v. Wade that are being held locally throughout the week.
See you on the streets as we stand boldly for life!
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue

P.S.  Click here for information about this week's Operation Rescue events.


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