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The news that Fr. Robert Fox has bone cancer is very sad and many people will be praying for him. On a personal note, Fr. Fox was always an inspiration to me and I followed his career in the Fatima Apostolate for many years; I prayed for him too. May the Lord continue to bless and heal him if it is His holy Will!
Deacon John

Tribulation Times


(Jam 5:16) Confess therefore your sins one to another: and pray one for another, that you may be saved. For the continual prayer of a just man availeth much.


Thanks to our Missionaries
January 5th…recalling St.John Neumann!
Italian missionary inspires vocation of Cincinnati native

David:  Father Robert J Fox, the Fatima priest is suffering from bone cancer

Father Robert J Fox, known as the "Fatima priest" due to his work and preaching on Our Lady of Fatima is suffering from bone cancer.

Please see:

I am encouraging people to write him a letter of support while he battles this painful illness.

Father Robert J Fox
P.O. BOX 269

I have my own "Father Fox" story.

In the early 1990s, my wife and I moved our family into a new parish in Houston and we sent our kids to the local CCD program. When they came home with the liberal rubbish being passed as "Catholic" education, we immediately pulled them out of the program, got Father Fox 's tapes and did our best to teach them the basics of the Catholic Faith.

I owe Father Fox an immense debt of gratitude for his help in this difficult period.

SEE ALSO: The Priest: A Man for Others By Father Robert J. Fox

VIA Christian Witness: Thou Art A Priest Forever

To live in the midst of the world,
Without wishing its pleasures;
To be a member of each family,
Yet belonging to none;
To share all sufferings;
To penetrate all secrets;
To heal all wounds;
To go from men to God And offer Him their Prayers;
To return from God to men;
To bring pardon and hope;
To have a heart of fire for charity
And a heart of bronze for chastity;
To teach and to pardon,
Console and bless always--
What a glorious life!
And it is yours, O Priest of Jesus Christ!

Author unknown from an old prayer card

Ladder of Divine Ascent excerpt: Step 14- "On that clamorous mistress, the stomach"

3. Gluttony is a deviser of seasoning, a source of sweet dishes.  You stop one spout, and it spurts up elsewhere; you plug this too, and you open another.   

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