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Nation's First Government-Funded Abortion Alternatives Program Serves Over 150,000 Women Since 1995

Genetic tests for all - the new approach to preventive medicine

Canadian MP Rod Bruinooge: Status quo on abortion not good enough

Abortion Past: The untold story of how movement shifted focus, changed its image, and saved lives by Marvin Olasky

Having babies is... SEXIST!!!

Couples Tempted by IVF Face a Number of Moral Dilemmas

Take Part in CWA of Georgia's FOCA Walk-in/Phone-in on Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Problem of "Biological Colonialism"

Chinese women oppose one-child-policy, want more children

The Death Bureaucracy Begins in Washington State


Pro-Lifers Brace for New Congress - 111th Congress Promises Abortion-Funding Battles On Top of Economic Crisis - "It's getting back to pure, organic grassroots politics, which is the upside of losing miserably."

President-elect Barack Obama is horribly reminiscent of Tony Blair in 1997. He may be a fantastic guy, and look great, but he will bring a ragbag of scuzzballs, communists and eco-loons to power with him - The Spectator

New Hampshire bishop reflects on Inauguration's ironies of racial advancement and pro-life setbacks

Barack Shuns Catholic Prayers

Prof. Kmiec accuses 'right wing' Catholic bloggers of character assassination - Blames them for potentially "poisoning" Vatican-Obama relationship

Rick Warren praises Obama for inviting homosexual bishop

Bishop Robinson said he had been reading inaugural prayers through history and was "horrified" at how "specifically and aggressively Christian they were."

Obama climate czar has socialist ties - Group sees 'global governance' as solution
Mrs. Browner's name and biography removed from Socialist International's Web page

Jindal to GOP: Repent! by Cal Thomas - "We've got to consistently oppose corruption in our own party," said Jindal. "It's not enough to make excuses that 'the other side does it.'"!?page=

With the humiliating failures of the prolife cause, it's difficult to see how the 2008 election could not be considered a referendum on abortion.

Palin Fascination, Scorn Shows No Sign of Receding

Olbermann: Unlike Palin, Pitbull Can Be Trained to 'Occasionally Keep Its Mouth Closed'


See Excellent 10 minute Dec. 2007 CBC television piece on Neuhaus

Father Neuhaus died just before the start of a new presidential administration that he anticipated with foreboding by Rev. George W. Rutler

Richard John Neuhaus, A gaping hole in the public square by Joseph Bottum

Fr. Neuhaus on the "reckless use" of the term "homophobia"

Neuhaus the Educator


Vatican suggests excommunicating Mexican drug traffickers,0,499152.story

New chair of US bishops' National Review Board is Obama donor

In Jesuit magazine, Chief-Rabbi of Venice: Pope has cancelled 50 years of Church History

UK Roman Catholic church marriages fall by 24pc since 2000

John Smeaton Birthday wish for Notorious Sir Stephen Wall, Cardinal Murphy O'Connor's former adviser

Cormac Card. Murphy-O'Connor's Diocese of Westminster is forcing London Catholic school to loosen admissions criteria so the school can no longer give preference to children from practising Catholic families.

UK Catholic parents call Catholic Education Service "arrogant" and "undemocratic"

U.S. Bishops' pro-life office corrects 'misleading' FOCA novena message

The Economist: Darwin is God!

Too much Eckhart takes its Tolle...... on the brain cells.

London Muslim protesters attack police: "Run, you cowards! Kuffar!"

Oslo: Jihadists use children as human shields during violent anti-Israel demonstration

Europe Reimports Jew Hatred - The mythical Arab Street now reaches deep into Paris, London, Berlin and Madrid - Wall Street Journal

London demonstrators against Israel depict "the Jew" eating dead babies

Muslims to apologise for prayers held in front of Milan cathedral

The head of the Jesuit order for the Northwest on Thursday denied the allegation in a new lawsuit that Alaska became a magnet or hiding place for problem priests

Christian refuses to drive "No God" bus


Tom Hanks, New McCarthyite - says supporters of California's Proposition 8, defining marriage as between one man and one woman, are "un-American." Hanks is a producer for the HBO series "Big Love,"  which promotes polyamory by normalizing it.

Family advocacy group announces Pepsi boycott

SPIDER-MAN creator Stan Lee is to unveil the world's first gay superhero.

Gay Marriage Advocates have posted maps online that very clearly show the addresses of those who donated money to the Prop 8 cause (supporting traditional marriage), including even small donors who gave $50 or less.


Blair reappears as choice to be EU president,Authorised=false.html?

New poll shows 64 percent of UK voters want looser relationship with EU

Will German homeschooling parents end up behind bars? Appeals court tosses 1st sentence, orders new trial

Value of 2008 Bailouts Exceeds Combined Costs of All Major U.S. Wars

Economists Say Bush 'Chucked' Free Market Principles Long Before Financial Crisis

CNN Segment Warns of the Coming Ice Age

Kissinger Again Calls for a New World Order

Ten of the world's top banks accused of laundering money for Iran

How the Canadian public lost faith in politics - Negative campaign, incivility behind voter disillusionment

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