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White House Rep Can't Defend Obama's Abortion Litmus Test for SCourt
Pro-Life Democrats Respond to Pro-Life Groups Targeting on Abortion Vote
• NFL Star Chris McAlister Accused of Booting Wife After Her Abortion Refusal
Canada Parliament Strongly Defeats Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
CNN Accused of Pushing China's One-Child Forced Abortion on Earth Day
Man Who Killed Pro-Life Advocate Protesting Abortion Gets Life in Prison
Mainstream Media Accounts on Abortion of "Wrong" Baby Speak Volumes
Virginia Legislature Sides With McDonnell, Stops Taxpayer-Funded Abortions
Missouri State Senate Passes Pre-Abortion Counseling, Ultrasound Bill

Georgia House Cmte Approves Pro-Life Bill Targeting Racist, Sexist Abortions
Mexican Girl Refuses to Have Abortion, Acknowledges Life of Unborn Child
Kentucky Right to Life and Rand Paul Feud Over Pro-Life Candidate Survey

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White House Rep Can't Defend Obama's Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court
Washington, DC ( -- The top spokesman for President Barack Obama was stymied by the press Wednesday afternoon after Obama said in a morning meeting that he would have no abortion litmus test for the Supreme Court and then proceeded to outline how any nominee must support unlimited abortions.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was unable to defend Obama against questions from media outlets asking how Obama spoke out of both sides of his mouth.

"The President just said when asked about the issue of abortion that he wants somebody who s interpreting our Constitution in a way that takes into account individual rights, and that includes women s rights. Isn't it artifice to say that this is not a litmus test?" one reporter asked Gibbs.

"No," he replied.

Asked in a followup if Obama would then be open to appointing a pro-life nominee, Gibbs faltered.

"I think we're playing the Washington game again. If I say this, then I don't," he started to say, before a reported added, "We're in Washington." Gibbs confessed, "I know, I know."

After the reporter said it was a "fair question" to ask, Gibbs said he would give a "fair response." Full story at

Pro-Life Democrats Respond to Pro-Life Groups Targeting Them on Abortion Vote
Washington, DC ( -- Members of Congress who were formerly considered strong pro-life Democrats but who have been targeted by pro-life groups because of their vote for the pro-abortion health care bill are responding. They say pro-life groups have the analysis wrong about the bill and the executive order President Obama signed.

As has reported, pro-life organizations are spending big bucks targeting pro-life (and pro-abortion) Democrats in competitive districts who voted for the health care bill and its massive abortion funding.

The Family Research Council announced a $500,000 campaign to target the districts of 20 Democratic incumbents who voted for the pro-abortion health program.

The Susan B. Anthony List launched a $150,000 campaign of radio ads and automated phone calls in the districts of 'pro-life' Democrats, including Stupak's who voted for the pro-abortion health care bill. The calls and ads were designed to encourage pro-life voters to respond to those votes. And Right to Life groups stripped the endorsements of pro-life Democrats in West Virginia and Ohio.

Rep. Allan Mollohan, one of the West Virginia lawmakers to lose an endorsement, talked with Politico about it and said he was confident the bill didn't fund abortions.

They have been concerned about my vote and they have expressed that, and they have taken a very strong position that the vote on the health care bill was not the pro-life vote they were looking for, Mollohan said. I disagree that it s not a pro-life vote. Full story at

NFL Star Chris McAlister Accused of Booting Wife After Her Abortion Refusal
Washington, DC ( -- NFL football star Chris McAlister, a free agent pro-bowl player formerly with the Baltimore Ravens, stands accused of booting his wife from their home after she refused to get an abortion. Marlene McAlister filed court documents Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court seeking a divorce.

Marlene, in the legal papers, according to a TMZ report, claims McAlister kicked her out of the couples home when she refused his request for an abortion.

The divorce documents showing Marlene wanting to end the 13-month marriage have her saying she hasn't heard from McAlister since September 2009 -- some five months before the birth of their daughter.

TMZ indicates Marlene says she is "struggling financially" because McAlister stopped paying court-ordered child support and medical expenses.

The documents also indicated Marlene is asking for sole custody of their 2-month old daughter that Marlene saved from an abortion as she alleges Chris has a "volatile temper."

Chris McAlister responded to the celebrity news source saying Marlene wants their divorce battle to be played out in the press. Full story at

Canada Parliament Strongly Defeats Bill to Legalize Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide
Ottawa, Canada ( -- The Canadian parliament on Wednesday defeated a bill that would have legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia. MPs form all parties voted against the measure, Bill C-384, the private members bill sponsored by Francine Lalonde that was opposed by pro-life and disability rights organizations.

Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, one of the prominent organizations fighting the bill, told he was elated by the vote.

"We would like to thank every member of parliament who voted against Bill C-384. We would also like to thank all of our supporters who made this victory possible. Months of work have resulted in an incredible victory. But the battle is not over," he said.

While assisted suicide organizations regroup for another bill, Schadenberg said opponents of euthanasia must work to help the disabled, terminally ill and elderly, and provide than better resources than suicide.

"We are working to turn the debate on this issue to a debate on how Canadians can live with dignity," he said.

"It is our goal to work with members of parliament and other Canadian leaders to identify ways to improve palliative/hospice care throughout Canada, change attitudes and improve services for people with disabilities, institute an effective national suicide prevention strategy, and promote programs that identify and eliminate the scourge of elder abuse," he said. Full story at

CNN Accused of Pushing China's One-Child Forced Abortion Policy on Earth Day
Atlanta, GA ( -- CNN is facing accusations that a news story it wrote on Earth Day promotes the one-child policy in China that has resulted in forced abortions and sterilizations. The policy recently came under more criticism when a new campaign was launched in one city to forcibly sterilize 10,000 people.

Under the guise of a trendy "green love life" feature, CNN pushes the idea.

"Don't be so keen on having babies. How about adopting a child instead or implementing a one-child policy?" CNN says.

It attributes the idea to Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of the recently released book, "Eco-Sex."

But blogger Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet isn't happy about the suggestion.

"CNN today casually pushes Chinese-style one child policies, a brutal program which in reality is enforced by way of forced abortions, infanticide and compulsory sterilization," he writes. Full story at

Man Who Killed Pro-Life Advocate Protesting Abortion Sentenced to Life in Prison
Owosso, MI ( -- The man who shot pro-life advocate James Pouillon because he was upset with the graphic abortion signs he used when protesting abortion outside a local high school has been sentenced to life in prison. Harlan Drake killed Pouillon and a local businessman in a separate killing after a family feud.

A Shiawassee County jury convicted Drake on two counts of first-degree murder in the September 2009 shootings.

Today, Shiawassee County Circuit Judge Gerald Lostracco sentenced Drake to the life sentence without parole and Drake said he was sorry to have caused so much pain for the victim of the families.

At the same time, Drake appeared frustrated in court, according to an AP report, and told the judge to "get on with this."

Judge Lostracco responded that he was disappointed he couldn't sentence Drake to hard labor for his crimes.

"I deserve to go to jail forever," Drake told the judge Thursday. Full story at

Mainstream Media Accounts on Abortion of "Wrong" Baby Speak Volumes
by Ken Shepherd
A Sarasota, Florida, doctor recently lost his medical license on the basis of an error he made in 2006 in an abortion procedure where he mistakenly took the life of the healthier fraternal twin of a boy diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome.

In covering the story, most media outlets have noted that Dr. Matthew Kachinas aborted "the wrong baby."

Baptist theologian and radio program host Dr. Albert Mohler took the airwaves on his April 19 program to discuss both the case in question and the media's coverage thereof.

Here's what he said about the latter at the opening of Monday's program. Full story at

Virginia Legislature Sides With McDonnell, Stops Taxpayer-Funded Abortions
Richmond, VA ( -- The Virginia state legislature last night sided with pro-life Gov. Bob McDonnell by upholding his amendment to the state budget to cut taxpayer-funded abortions. The move makes it so the state will cut out funding for about 99 percent of all abortions it previously paid for before.

Last week, McDonnell amended the FY 2011-12 state budget to prohibit taxpayer funding of most elective abortions for low-income residents. That includes abortions in cases where the unborn child is merely disabled or has a condition such as Down syndrome.

The Family Foundation and pro-life groups had been working for the ban on taxpayer funding of abortion for decades and its director Victoria Cobb was elated.

"The amendment brings Virginia substantially in line with federal law," which allows states to cut off most abortion funding except in a few very rare cases.

"Prior to the Governor s amendment, Virginia was one of only 17 states that funded elective ( health of the mother) abortions," Cobb added. Full story at

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Missouri State Senate Passes Pre-Abortion Counseling, Ultrasound Bill
Jefferson City, MO ( -- The Missouri state Senate voted today to approve a bill that would help women with a pre-abortion ultrasound and give them information they need to make a better decision than abortion. The Senate voted 26-5 to expand the requirements of the current 24-hour waiting period.

The state House has already approved its own version of the legislation and it goes further than the Senate bill by creating the crime of coercing a woman into having an abortion.

The House measure also requires abortion centers to tell prosecutors when a minor girl seeks an abortion. Undercover videos in several states have shown Planned Parenthood clinics and abortion businesses covering up cases of potential and actual sexual abuse.

Pam Fichter, president, Missouri Right to Life, told she is pleased the Senate passed SB 793.

"This bill ensures that a woman is given the opportunity to view an ultrasound of her unborn child and receives information about her child s development 24 hours before an abortion is performed," Fichter said. "She also must be informed of the possible pain to her unborn child from the abortion, the father's liability for child support and alternatives to abortion." Full story at

Georgia House Committee Approves Pro-Life Bill Targeting Racist, Sexist Abortions
Atlanta, GA ( -- The legislation in Georgia that would ban abortions done specifically because the child is African-American or a girl jumped through its latest hurdle. The Georgia House Judiciary Committee voted 10-8 on Wednesday to vote SB 529 out of committee and send it to the Rules Committee.

The rules panel will consider the bill before it heads to the full state House floor and a vote in the committee could come as early as Tuesday.

Legislators need to move quickly because they are closing in on the 40th day, which is the last day of this legislative session

Georgia Right to Life said it was a "miracle" the bill made it out of committee.

"The hearing began with Chairman Wendell Willard offering a substitute bill that did not even resemble the original Senate version," GRTL legislative director Mike Griffin told today. Full story at

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Mexican Girl Refuses to Have Abortion, Acknowledges Life of Unborn Child
Washington, DC ( -- An 11-year-old Mexico girl has decided against having an abortion despite pressure from pro-abortion groups to have one after becoming the subject of international news following her sexual assault from her step father. The young girl says she won't because she knows she has a baby.

According to a Catholic News Agency report, the girl explained she understands, a life is growing in her womb.

CNA indicates the girl is receiving medical attention at a local clinic and has responded well to psychological tests saying she understands she has a unique human being she can give birth to or kill in an abortion.

Lizbeth Gamboa Song, director of the National System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family, told CNA, She understands what happens before a pregnancy, she knows her womb will grow, she knows at some point her water will break, and she knows how the baby will be born."

She does not yet fully realize the consequences of what it will mean to raise and care for a child because of her young age, although adopted could become a consideration. Full stories at

Kentucky Right to Life and Rand Paul Feud Over Pro-Life Candidate Survey
Frankfort, KY ( -- Kentucky Right to Life and Senate candidate Rand Paul are clashing over a candidate questionnaire Paul completed for the group. While Paul is pushing fundraising letters saying he had a 100% pro-life response to the survey, Kentucky Right to Life says that's not the case.

The pro-life organization sent a statement Wednesday saying Paul didn't complete every question on the survey even though he says he "scored 100 percent" on it.

"Rand Paul filled out, signed and faxed the KRLA PAC survey to the KRLA PAC office on February 11th at 10:29 am. Rand Paul did not score 100% on the questionnaire," the group says. "This is one reason why Rand Paul was not eligible for the Kentucky Right to Life PAC Endorsement for the U.S. Senate seat."

According to the group, Paul omitted a response to one of the questions on the survey

Kentucky Right to Life also says Paul provided an erroneous copy of his survey response to the Kentucky Enquirer in an attempt to cover his tracks. Full stories at

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