Friday, April 16, 2010

News from the Trenches: A regretted abortion inspires helping pregnant mothers

Outside a San Francisco abortion center

While prayerfully awaiting the next opportunity to reach out to a woman or couple outside an abortion center in San Francisco, a young woman approached to speak with me. After greeting me and introducing herself, she told me that she had come to this place a year ago and "didn't listen" when I had reached out to her. She said she had been living with that decision all this time and now wants to help. 

During our cordial conversation I spoke to her about post-abortion healing, gave her a brochure to further inform her and advised her to seek the help that is available. 

In speaking about her faith background, she revealed that her faith formation as a baptized Catholic had not been completed. Her parents didn't follow through so she had not received the Sacrament of Confirmation and was not practicing her faith. We discovered that we live very near to each other, so I invited her to attend Mass with me and my wife at our local parish.

We briefly discussed how she might be able to help pregnant mothers and agreed to get together for an in-depth discussion. I gave her my card and when I arrived home found an email from her awaiting my attention to make arrangements for our get-together. 

A year ago, a new life developing in its mother's womb was born in heaven. Today, the new life of its mother is developing in the heart of God. 

For your consideration of others who are in similar situations to that which my new friend was facing a year ago, I invite you to read 'Victims of the Abortion Industry and You.' 

I also invite you to become an Angel to pregnant mothers and help eliminate the very concept of a "crisis" pregnancy. 

I hope your day was as blessed as mine. We can be angels to others while they in turn are being angels to us. Our God is so good and wise. 

On the responsibility of parents to develop their child's faith formation, please read 'A Child's Plea for Eternal Life.' 

-- Fredi D'Alessio, April 9, 2010 
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