Monday, April 26, 2010

Please send a protest message via email to Le Monde Magazine for their insult to the Pope!

Protest an appalling anti-Catholic cartoon 

Dear Friends,

You never thought you'd see this...

Le Monde Magazine in France published a cartoon showing the "Pope" sodomizing a little boy. Can you believe it?

Never in your life did you expect to see something so awful.

This vile cartoon was in the Holy Week issue of the Le Monde Magazine. The author, Jean Plantu, is known for blasphemous insults against the Church and the Pope.

But to my knowledge, this is the first time an insult to the Pope has reached this extreme.

I dare not include a copy of the cartoon for you to see. It's simply beyond the pale.

But I do ask you to peacefully react today. Please send a protest message via email to Le Monde Magazine at:

You will find a sample message below that you may copy and send as your own.

Or use it to help you in writing your own courteous email message.

Whatever your preference, it's vital you send your message right away. Perhaps even today.

And last year, Le Monde published a Plantu cartoon showing Our Lord Jesus Christ handing out condoms from a boat to the excited masses. The cartoon read: "The multiplication of the condoms followed the multiplication of the loaves."

That cartoon hit the Pope too. He was shown as a decrepit old man who says: "Anything goes!"

So, the most recent cartoon against the Pope in Le Monde Magazine is not an isolated case. It is part of a series.

That's why it is so important that you and I, united with Catholics across the world, raise a powerful yet peaceful protest against Le Monde.

Send your protest message to Le Monde Magazine at: 

Sincerely in Jesu et Maria,

Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima

PS – Please consider forwarding this message to your friends.

Here's the sample message you may use:

Le Monde Magazine:

I am deeply pained, more than words can express, to know that your magazine published a sacrilegious cartoon showing the Pope sodomizing a little boy.

I do not accept this indecent insult to the Pope. This is beyond the pale!

As the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ on earth, the person of the Pope is sacred. And he teaches the holy and eternal truths taught by Holy Mother Church, which is absolutely against all sin, especially unnatural vice.

I demand that you apologize for the Jean Plantu cartoon and pledge never to publish such terribly insulting material again.

Sincerely yours,