Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silent No More Awareness Campaign Cheers Passage of Anti-Coercion Bill

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y., April 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SNMAC), the world's largest network of individuals harmed by abortion, today praised the Nebraska legislature for passing a first of its kind abortion counseling bill (LB 594). 

"Women like me only wish that a law like the Women's Health Protection Act had been in place before we had abortions," said Georgette Forney, co-founder of the SNMAC. "The women of Silent No More know that the risks of abortion are all too real and that the pressures from fearful boyfriends, embarrassed parents, and demanding employers can render the word 'choice' meaningless. The Nebraska legislature has done immeasurable good by passing this legislation." 

"Medical doctors and researchers have identified specific risk factors that can make an abortion even more harmful than it usually is," said Janet Morana, also a co-founder of SNMAC. "Yet the abortion industry is unwilling to let the women they claim to serve know what those risks are. Moreover, those who claim to favor choice should applaud a law against coercion." 

Since the launching of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in 2003, 3,877 women and men have shared their testimonies publicly at over 572 gatherings in 48 states and ten countries where more than 110,830 attendees have heard the truth about abortion's negative aftereffects. More than 9,027 people are registered to be Silent No More. Raising awareness about the hurtful aftermath of abortion and the help that is available to cope with the pain are two of the Campaign's goals. 

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is a joint project of Anglicans for Life and Priests for Life. For more information, please visit our website: