Saturday, April 24, 2010

News from the Trenches: "This is not right grandma" – 4 saves in San Diego

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road, and Planned Parenthood, First and Grape, San Diego -- Holy Saturday, April 3, 2010

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At FPA, there were eleven prayer warriors, three of whom were children, and two sidewalk counselors. On this Holy Saturday, Our Lord intervened to save the lives of three pre-born babies at FPA, and one at Planned Parenthood. 

When Anne first arrived at FPA, she noticed a young couple standing in the parking lot smoking, and approached them. The young woman showed no interest in talking, but the young man took the information on the abortionist and then said it was too late. She offered them prayers and gave them literature on Rachel's Hope. However, soon after, they went into the mill and only he returned. When Anne approached his car, she saw that he was crying and talking with his grandmother on the phone, saying, "This is not right grandma." 

Later, she approached a Hispanic family taking their daughter to the mill. They did not speak English well, and the girl was crying. Anne tried to talk with the father, but they were set on getting their daughter inside. 

For the rest of the morning there were married couples that she encountered with hardened hearts. One Asian couple drove in with two small children in the backseat, and Anne waved to them, thinking they were going into the furniture store. When she saw him drop off his wife, she approached the car and told him it was not safe for her to be up there because of the abortionist's medical record, and that this was his child. He was not the least bit interested and drove away. 

Terry introduced herself to a young Hispanic couple she had intercepted as they drove into the main driveway, asking the young woman's name, "I. A.". She asked her how old she was and how far along she thought she was. "I" informed Terry she thought she was less than twelve weeks. Terry showed her a six-week-old pre-born baby and detailed what a baby, at that stage feels, as well as letting her know what type of abortion she would face, as well as what kind of help and alternatives (including adoption) there was for her and her boyfriend/husband. Terry stressed how having an abortion changes you forever, and how happy they would be knowing that they had protected the helpless little one "I" carried inside her. 
As "I" opened up, Terry addressed each of "I's" fears and apprehensions, reassuring her. She understood that she would not have to face any of them alone. After telling her how beautiful she was and how beautiful a mother she would make, she asked them what color rosary they would like. They chose pink. Terry then said, "This just may be the year of the girl." They both smiled. Terry encouraged her to call Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) on Saturday (letting her know a doctor would return her call). A look of relief came over their faces. They drove in and right out. It was 8:15 a.m. At this time, Terry and the lone prayer warrior, who prayed the entire time Terry spoke to this young couple, stood alone outside the main driveway to FPA . 

The second young woman Terry intercepted, "D," told Terry she had a positive pregnancy test. Terry asked her if she had an ultra-sound and she said she had not. Terry informed her how important this was, as well as for "D" to see exactly what is on the ultra-sound. Terry informed "D" of the abortionist's history of medical malpractice and provided testimonies from young women she had spoken to personally who had horrendous experiences at FPA. She also told "D" she could get the assistance she needed at COLFS, and encouraged her to phone, letting "D" know a doctor would return her call today. She reiterated the feelings of many women who had abortions vs. those who chose to give life to their innocent pre-born babies (whether choosing to keep the baby or place the baby with a couple who could never have a child of their own). Although appearing nervous, "D" said she would contact COLFS and wait to speak to one of the doctors. Before leaving the parking lot, she too chose a pink rosary. 

The last couple Terry spoke to were "B.D." & C." The young woman looked visibly pregnant. Terry asked her how far along she thought she may be, and "B" said she was unsure. Terry then told "B" how important it was for her to see a reputable doctor who could tell her exactly how far along she was, and then told her about COLFS. She told "B" that no matter what her fears (which she disclosed to Terry), there was help available. Terry told her that every person has a purpose on this earth, and that even though she was scared, she would not have to face her fears alone. Terry let her know she would feel much better if she waited to speak to the doctor (who would return her call) today. 

Sensing "B's" hesitancy, Terry asked "B" if she had eaten and she told her she had not. Terry then said, "You were told not to eat so that you can have anesthesia. You need to know, your little pre-born boy or girl will not be getting any pain relief," and then described how an abortion is performed. Going on, Terry said, "I know you have many fears, and there may be people in your life who you are afraid to tell that you are pregnant. What if you found out they would be more upset knowing you had an abortion without telling them ?" She stressed the importance of speaking to one of the doctors at COLFS today, who would return her call. Adding, "This is too important, for all three of you, to make any decision without all the facts. Please give yourself the time." 

"B's" boyfriend, "C," appeared restless. Terry then addressed him and asked him how long they had been together as a couple. "C" said one year. Terry then asked him if in this time he felt he loved "B," and "C" said yes. She then asked him if in loving "B" he would be there for her and their pre-born baby boy or girl. "C" said he would do whatever "B" wanted. Terry asked "B" if she could put her hand (with her) on her stomach so the little one inside could have a sense of safety, adding, "You know God sees him or her (even if we don't...yet)." "B" then told Terry she would contact COLFS today, waiting to speak one of the doctors. Terry then told her she made the right decision, adding "God bless all of you. We will all continue to pray for you." 

Across town at Planned Parenthood at First and Grape in downtown San Diego, a Rosary procession of about 25 people prayed in front of the mill with a life-size image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, while a Caucasian couple in their mid-20s drove up and fed many coins into the parking meter. The woman was wearing sweats (the usual attire for an abortion). They went into the clinic and came back out within 10 minutes. They sat in the car approximately 20 minutes and drove away.