Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Abortion Harassment Awareness Hits Quebec's Highways - 25 Women Walk for 25 Years

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada, April 30, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Twenty-five women are walking from Montreal to the Supreme Court in Ottawa in an abortion harassment awareness initiative that launched Sunday. The Back to Life Walk is an authentic women's movement that aims not only to raise awareness about abortion harassment, but to pray for a shift in Canadian culture on this issue. The 25 culturally diverse women walking 200km represent the 25 years of no laws on abortion in this nation -- China and North Korea are the only other countries with no abortion laws.

Abortion harassment is the coercion of women into abortion when they do not want one. Studies indicate that as many as 64% of women in Canada who have had abortions would say they were badgered into it. The women walking are particularly interested in the issue because many of them have a personal harassment story to share. Many of them were pressured into unwanted abortions by boyfriends, family members, and unbelievably, even by doctors. Video interviews of the walkers telling their stories are getting strong viewership online.

Organizer Faytene Grasseschi explains: "Many of the walkers have very painful abortion stories to share. What is troubling is that we are finding that their stories are representative of thousands of women -- this really is the untold story of abortion in Canada."

"I was pressured into abortion when my baby was 5 months old," explains walker Ashley Williams. "I could already feel it moving. My boyfriend told me I was going to do it. I honestly felt trapped. It was like my voice on the issue didn't matter to him." Ironically, while she was on the abortion table he had a change of heart and tried to stop the procedure. Her boyfriend was resisted by medical staff who told him he had no right to interfere with her "choice." Ashley woke up on the other side of the abortion, devastated.

Grasseschi emphasized the loving tone of the walk: "With every step we take we are walking for our own restoration, our mothers, our sisters, our friends and our future nation. We count it an honor to share our stories in the hopes it will help other women and open many eyes in Canada."

For more information, visit www.backtolifecanada.com.