Monday, April 22, 2013

LifeSiteNews Updates - Monday Apr 22 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

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Nuns succeed in bid to halt strip club from opening next door

John-Henry Westen Mon Apr 22 19:32 EST Faith
Peter Breen, Executive Director of Thomas More Society stated, “The Illinois law that provides a 1,000-foot buffer zone around places of worship from strip clubs is clear, valid, and constitutional.

That didn’t last long: networks completely ignoring Gosnell trial…again

Matt Philbin Mon Apr 22 15:02 EST Opinion
The Gosnell trial has returned to the obscurity the pro-abortion media hoped all along to preserve.

Notorious Florida abortionist’s license suspended for fifth time after gruesome botched abortion

Cheryl Sullenger Mon Apr 22 14:07 EST Abortion
At the hospital, staff delivered the remains of the woman's baby and found that it was missing a lower limb. Efforts were made to locate the limb in the abdominal cavity to no avail.

Government: Family Research Center shooter should get 45 years in prison

Ben Johnson Mon Apr 22 19:52 EST Homosexuality
Prosecutors say Corkins plotted “a massacre of epic portions.”
Floyd Corkins II.

Cuomo says refusal to release specifics on abortion bill is a strategy to win, then retracts

Kirsten Andersen Mon Apr 22 19:07 EST Abortion
“Governor Cuomo promised New Yorkers transparency. So far, he has failed to deliver," said New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms today.

Furor over gay teacher’s firing may pit city of Columbus against Roman Catholic diocese

Kirsten Andersen Mon Apr 22 18:07 EST Faith
Hale signed a morality clause as part of her contract, affirming that “Catholic school personnel are expected to be examples of moral behavior and professionalism.”

Gosnell violated informed consent, wait time laws: witnesses

Cheryl Sullenger Mon Apr 22 10:40 EST Abortion
The defense counsel begins to present their case this week

‘That’s not a baby. That’s an abortion!’: clinic workers describe babies born alive

Sarah Terzo Mon Apr 22 07:03 EST Abortion
"I touched it. It looked like a baby, but it was very tiny. It was real cute. Very quiet. In fact, it was starting to die."

French Assembly to vote on gay ‘marriage’ Tuesday: spontaneous protests growing

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Mon Apr 22 17:17 EST Homosexuality
Not a day has passed since the French Senate adopted the law legalizing same-sex “marriage,” on Friday, April 12th, without vigorous protests in many towns in France.

Justice Sotomayor and the path to polygamy

Carson Holloway Mon Apr 22 13:23 EST Opinion
The oral arguments on Proposition 8 at the Supreme Court suggest that there is very good reason to believe that the declaration of a “right” to same-sex marriage will set us on the path to polygamy.

Abortion kills a baby, and that’s perfectly alright: abortion after Tiller

Justin Dyer Mon Apr 22 11:49 EST Opinion
Proving the unborn child is human is not enough. A new documentary is a reminder that the debate today is much more about why life is valuable than when life begins.

We must honor the memory of Gosnell’s victims by passing pro-life laws

Tony Perkins Mon Apr 22 11:40 EST Opinion
Spurred on by what many have heard or read about the clinic, leaders are moving at a frantic pace to stop the Gosnells in their states from preying on future victims.

Planned Parenthood, NARAL: Gosnell proves we need fewer restrictions on abortion clinics

Kristi Burton Brown Mon Apr 22 07:33 EST Opinion
‘This is exactly what happens when you place undue restrictions and you try to shame women to keep them from exercising their constitutional right to safe and legal abortions,’ said the president of NARAL.

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