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Professors: Pro-life students “appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching”

Ben Johnson Thu Apr 18 19:26 EST Abortion
Labeling the pro-life movement a “hate group” is an increasingly common tactic on campus and in society.

Planned Parenthood clinic investigated after multiple botched abortions, STD scare

John Jalsevac Thu Apr 18 15:05 EST Abortion
“It was just unsafe. I couldn't tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was," said one of the the clinic's former nurses.

72 Congressmen slam media for failing to cover Gosnell, Planned Parenthood infanticide remarks

John Jalsevac Thu Apr 18 10:57 EST Abortion
These media cover-ups "are the biggest and most politically-motivated media cover-ups in our nation’s history,” said Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

New study: TV increased U.S. support for same-sex “marriage”

Kirsten Andersen Thu Apr 18 17:10 EST Family
“Based on this data, I think we can conclude that TV has...moved the needle of public opinion to see same-sex marriage in a positive way,” Ben Spergel, Senior Vice President and Head of TV Insights at Ipsos MediaCT said.

Prosecution wrapped up today in Gosnell murder trial; NY Times already ending daily coverage

Dave Andrusko Thu Apr 18 12:44 EST Abortion
"NYT will be there for highlights as we have since 2011. Lots of stories to cover.”
The press section at Kermit Gosnell's trial.

University of Buffalo professor arrested after profane rant against pro-life students

Kirsten Andersen Thu Apr 18 11:26 EST Abortion
A professor was dragged away in handcuffs after spewing profanity at students holding a university-approved display.

Former head of pro-abortion group pleads guilty to soliciting sex with 12-year-old

John Jalsevac Thu Apr 18 10:22 EST Abortion
Scott Richard Swirling was charged earlier this year after he engaged in online conversations with a man who claimed to be offering his 12-year-old daughter for sex.

‘House of Horrors’ filthy furnishings displayed in courtroom

Cheryl Sullenger Thu Apr 18 09:25 EST Abortion
Witnesses testified about how Gosnell reused curettes, possibly leading to a spike in STDs. They also heard about illegal, late-term abortions and a long history of questionable record-keeping.
Gosnell's West Philadelphia

“Infringement on our freedom of speech”: Pro-life students appeal university charge to Alberta court

Peter Baklinski Thu Apr 18 17:11 EST Abortion
Seven students say that University of Calgary school officials violated their rights when they found them guilty in 2010 of “non-academic misconduct” for setting up a campus pro-life display.

Parliamentary reform bill would help lawmakers who bring up controversial topics like abortion

Peter Baklinski Thu Apr 18 16:18 EST Politics
“M-431 will allow a greater number of Members of Parliament to be more independent,” said Conservative MP Brad Trost.
Brad Trost.

Ipas' international abortion survey paints pro-life objections as inaccurate

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Thu Apr 18 18:11 EST Abortion
The first statement on the list is, “A woman who has an abortion is committing a sin.”

Savita inquest calls abortion-promoting doctor as “independent witness”

Hilary White Thu Apr 18 17:26 EST Abortion
In 2002, Dr. Peter Boylan signed a statement that opposed outlawing abortion on the grounds of a suicide threat.
Dr. Peter Boylan

Priest who defended homosexual ‘marriage,’ transgenderism defrocked by Vatican

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Thu Apr 18 12:44 EST Faith
Fr. Jose Nicolas Alessio has been removed from the clerical state permanently by the Vatican's Congregation of the Clergy.
Fr. Alessio.

There are only two possibilites: oppose abortion, or allow infanticide

Fr. Frank Pavone Thu Apr 18 12:40 EST Opinion
Kermit Gosnell has simply revealed the logic of the abortion industry.

Kermit Gosnell. The REAL ‘war on women’

Tony Perkins Thu Apr 18 12:16 EST Opinion
The liberal media have already started blaming PRO-LIFERS for Gosnell's "House of Horrors" clinic.

Labor Secretary nominee Thomas Perez uses office to prosecute pro-lifers, promote political agenda

James Sherk Thu Apr 18 10:39 EST Abortion
Thomas Perez, who prosecuted Mary Susan Pine, has a record of selective law enforcement, questionable judgment, and bad management.
Thomas Perez

Redefine marriage, make government bigger

Ryan T. Anderson Thu Apr 18 09:11 EST Family
Civil recognition of the marriage union of a man and a woman serves the ends of limited government more effectively, less intrusively, and at less cost than does picking up the pieces from a shattered marriage culture.

World is witnessing a rising tide of hostility against religion, report says

Elise Hilton Thu Apr 18 08:44 EST Freedom
The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has found the Social Hostilities Index has increased every year since it began measuring it in 2009.
A cross trampled.