Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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We realize that the Gosnell "house of horrors" stories have been the most difficult to read stories that we have ever published on LifeSiteNews. However, these reports had to be done. We have a serious obligation to reveal this information to hopefully finally awaken the dead consciences of so many who deny the truth about abortion and others who have long refused to take action against it.
Hilary White's latest report from the Vatican stem cell conference is crucial. The articles may seem rather technical, but please try to comprehend their enormous implications.
Hilary's exclusive interview with Cardinal Burke is another special item today. Burke is never one for false prudence and political correctness.  He has some refreshing things to say about the obligations of individual bishops and bishops' conferences related to the abortion issue.
Once again, a Filipino bishop shows the world what Church leaders should be doing about the life and family issues. It is nearly unbelievable to us in the West. These  bishops do what most pro-life Catholics in developed nations can only dream of seeing from their bishops.
Today's LifeSiteNews blog posts:

Top researcher: iPS cells ‘probably’ already embryos, have already made cloned animals

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Apr 23 14:05 EST Bioethics
Asked what the difference is between an iPS cell that has been reverted back to its pluripotent state and an embryo in its earliest, single-cell stage, Gurdon replied, “Probably none.”

BREAKING: Judge drops nine charges (three murder charges) against Kermit Gosnell

Ben Johnson Tue Apr 23 11:44 EST Abortion
The “house of horrors” abortionist is no longer facing three counts of murder, one count of infanticide, and five counts of abuse of a corpse.

Vatican Cardinal: ‘Individual bishops’, not just conferences must fight culture of death (exclusive)

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Apr 23 10:00 EST Abortion
“Simply by the way these conferences work, it can be years before some kind of effective direction is given, and then oftentimes because this direction is discussed and debated, it can get very watered down.”

Wrong Disqus comments under certain stories

Steve Jalsevac Tue Apr 23 17:22 EST Commentary
We are aware that a number of stories have the same incorrect comments threads under them and we are trying to have Disqus resolve the issue. Unfortunately, it usually takes Disqus some time to correct this type of periodically re-occuring problem over which we have no control. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Oklahoma City man threatened to kill wife for stealing his porn

Ben Johnson Tue Apr 23 19:02 EST Family
The 38-year-old assaulted his wife with a gun and threatened to “kill her, her family, and her friends,” police say.
Daniel Alan Kissner.

City of Huntsville may alter city ordinance to get pro-life protesters off abortion center sidewalk

Kirsten Andersen Tue Apr 23 16:58 EST Abortion
Some activists say the proposed changes will make protesting more dangerous for both pro-life and pro-abortion demonstrators.

Gosnell lawyer: 'Ludicrous' to say a baby is alive just because it’s moving

Ben Johnson Tue Apr 23 16:23 EST Abortion
Attorney Jack McMahon told the court Gosnell's former employee saw only a baby's final, involuntary movements, not any signs of life.

Gov. Brownback signs sweeping pro-life bill: adds ‘Jesus + Mary’ to top

Ben Johnson Tue Apr 23 15:51 EST Abortion
“All human life is sacred, beautiful, precious. No matter who, no matter where,” he wrote in his own hand.

Pro-life clothing censored at Gosnell trial: report

Ben Johnson Tue Apr 23 14:57 EST Abortion
The woman's hoodie read “Social Justice Begins in the Womb.”

Canadian Bishops’ pro-life office pens powerful pitch to promote March for Life 2013

LifeSiteNews staff Tue Apr 23 14:01 EST Abortion
"Every year 100,000 unborn Canadian children are extinguished before they have the opportunity to look into their mother’s eyes"

Australian births rise – but still below replacement level

Ben Johnson Tue Apr 23 18:05 EST Population Control
Its population increase to 23 million is mostly fueled by immigration, not new births.

Why the fight against abortion starts with opposing contraception

Peter Baklinski Tue Apr 23 17:35 EST Opinion
Only a titanic shift in the predominantly promiscuous and amoral attitudes and behaviors that characterize Western society’s understanding of sex will end the genocide of innocent human beings through abortion.

‘This is so hard. Oh, God, it’s so hard!’: nurses tell of aborted babies born alive

Sarah Terzo Tue Apr 23 15:53 EST Opinion
"I did the only thing I could do," one nurse wrote. "Dipping my index finger into sterile water and placing it on his head, I baptized the child. Then I wrapped him in blankets to keep him warm, and held him."

Philippines archdiocese to distribute pro-life, pro-family candidates list

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Apr 23 14:50 EST Homosexuality
Candidates are ranked according to their stand on abortion, divorce, the new reproductive-health law, and protection of the environment.

France passes gay ‘marriage’

Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent Tue Apr 23 14:31 EST Homosexuality
When the result of today’s vote was announced, many church bells sounded the death knell.

Scare. No Matter What.

Ryan Bomberger Tue Apr 23 10:00 EST Opinion
Planned Parenthood has been around long before Gosnell set up shop, but we’re supposed to believe that poor women had no other choice?

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