Friday, September 18, 2015

Spirit & Life - Be Not Afraid, Catholic Ireland!

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Dear deaconjohn,     
I write this week from the Emerald Isle, where I'm on a mission with Dr. Brian Clowes, HLI's Director of Education and Research, and Patrick McCrystal, Director of HLI Ireland. Patrick entitled our four-day series of presentations on the road "Be Not Afraid, Catholic Ireland," as ours is a mission of hope in a land that has fallen victim to the seductions of the Culture of Death.

Our goal is twofold: First, to expose the lies that create an illusion of "tolerance" and "progress" around abortion and the redefinition of marriage, and second, to call Catholic Ireland back to her roots and the love and duties that grow from our beloved Faith. Often called "the land of the saints," Ireland has produced far too many holy men and women to list in this article - men and women who have impacted Ireland's rich history and that of the universal Church.
In the midst of a rapidly secularizing culture emboldened by its recent "wins" - the legalization of same-sex unions and abortion in so-called "exceptional cases" - we are through education, training, and encouragement, calling the faithful to Be Not Afraid. The truth about Life and Family is non-negotiable, and no matter what is being promoted - demanded - by the Culture of Death, this truth must be proclaimed. There is no option for the disciples of Jesus.
In the year 433, Saint Patrick traveled to the Hill of Slane in County Meath in hopes of bringing souls to Christ in pagan Ireland. On the eve of Easter, which coincided with the Druid feast of Bealtine (Beal's Fire) and the Spring Equinox, St. Patrick lit a bonfire on the hill. As trivial as this may seem today, it was in fact a revolutionary act: it was equivalent to declaring war on the Druids and their pagan beliefs and also on the King of Ireland. There was a law that no fire could be lit in the vicinity to compete with those of the festival of Bealtine, which blazed at the Royal seat of power on the nearby the Hill of Tara. That small act of starting a fire was a turning point in the history of Tara and all Ireland, changing the spiritual landscape of Ireland forever. (Read full article on
Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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The people of Chile are in dire need of prayers, following a vote that will forward an abortion bill on Tuesday, and a very serious earthquake that occurred the next day. As we write this, emergency workers continue to come to the aid of more than a million displaced Chileans, following the 8.3 quake that has killed at least ten people.  - continue -
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Review: Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family - Essays from a Pastoral Standpoint, Edited by Winfried Aymans, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 2015. The eleven Cardinals who wrote these essays are united in their concern to preserve the constant teachings on family against erroneous proposals that surfaced for the Extraordinary Synod of last year. Here we are not only talking of the initiative of Walter Cardinal Kasper, but also proposals to take a more positive view towards cohabitating couples, and proposals to adopt language that would undermine the teaching of the Church against the practice of homosexuality.  - continue -
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