Friday, September 11, 2015

Spirit & Life - September 11th

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At times it seems like the nation has already forgotten 9/11, doesn't it? Even on the conservative news site, the Drudge Report, we see nothing marking the date.
It is true that we need to move on in some sense when we suffer tragedy. We need to stay in touch with reality -- with the fact that time continues and we cannot remain stuck in a moment -- even as we have to face the reality of our pain.

But we are not supposed to forget. Even if we forgive those who have done us harm, it is a sign of maturity and generosity that we remember and pray for those who suffered the most from these events, praying for their souls and for those who survived them and carry on.

Pro-lifers have a valid point when we point out that there are many single days when as many unborn children are killed by abortion in our nation as were killed at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon 14 years ago. This much less visible, but no less tragic and destructive, attack also deserves our remembrance, and our best efforts to not let our most vulnerable brothers and sisters be forgotten.

Take time today to remember in prayer all who are unjustly killed - before or after birth. Remembering the Passion of Our Lord, we remember that His complete gift of Himself, His complete trust in God the Father, transformed the world. Death does not win. In the midst of the greatest suffering, our loving Father still offers us His love and mercy.

We remember these facts, just as we remember those who lost their lives 14 years ago on that terrible day. Death does not win. God wins. Love wins.
Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International
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The Incarnation and Redemption are the great signs and causes of God's merciful love for us. As Creator, He became our redeemer from all sin by his passion, and death. Those violent acts inflicted unjustly upon His body were the instruments of making reparation for the sins of all mankind, original and personal together with His virtues of merciful love offered to the Father. Objectively, the Lord Jesus forgave all sin of all times for human beings. However, to receive personal forgiveness, subjectively one must repent to receive the fruits of His saving actions. But what does it mean to repent?  - continue -
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Feminist heroes Margaret Sanger and Simone de Beauvoir abandoned the Catholic faith of their families and promoted a socialist worldview for women, sadly while leading very difficult lives marked by sexual promiscuity. Though still hailed as defenders of the rights of women, they held different positions on abortion, with de Beauvoir in support and Sanger strongly against. The causal connection between the sexual licentiousness that inevitably followed their promotion of contraception and the further necessary "birth control" of abortion is now a matter of historical fact.   - continue -
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