Friday, June 24, 2016

Children with disabilities deserve a life of dignity

"I wish to be independent and have a family." 

Dear John,

We’re working to give children with disabilities a life of dignity.

Born with developmental disabilities and paralysis of his lower limbs, Jacob’s parents abandoned him as a baby. He has lived with his grandmother ever since. Jacob’s education has been very limited because of his special needs, yet he has a special talent in fixing things. Recently, he built a solar panel to power his own radio, made from torn shoes and other broken electrical parts. Can you imagine?

By expanding Jacob’s skills, this talented young man is brimming with the potential to become self-sufficient and also to take care of his 80-year-old grandmother. We are thrilled that a CMMB supporter recently provided him with the transformational opportunity to pursue education at a local vocational training college. Their generosity means Jacob’s future is forever changed, and he will be better equipped to live out a life full of dignity.

We need your support to help more children with disabilities pursue their dream of attending school.

In Kenya, Grace suffered a stroke at age eight. Five-year-old Megina in Haiti was born without arms. These are just two examples of determined girls we work with who just want the opportunity to realize their dream of going to school.

The gift of education is just one way you can help vulnerable children and families. Look through our online Gift Catalog – there are opportunities for every budget.

You can be the reason someone like Jacob rises out of poverty and begins living a life of dignity, today.
Bruce Wilkinson
President and CEO, CMMB – Healthier Lives Worldwide

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