Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fathers hold our hand for a while and our hearts forever

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.  (Proverbs 22:6) 
Fedeline and one of her family's goats.

Dear Friends

This Sunday is Father's Day - a day that calls upon us to honor the men who have made a positive difference in our lives with a gift that continues his legacy of impacting future generations for the better.

In our recent travels to Haiti, Kenya and Zambia we have witnessed the power of goats to help families living in extreme poverty. Goats not only provide nourishing milk, they help gardens to grow.  For many families, baby goats are the means to access a better life for their children.

This Father's Day, our goal is to provide 1,000 goats for a 1,000 families.

In Haiti we met Fedeline's family. Fedeline takes good care of her family’s goats because they fertilize the garden, provide baby kids and supply the family with protein-rich milk. This is vitally important in a place where so many children suffer from malnutrition - the largest single contributor to disease in the world - which leads to approximately 45% of all child deaths worldwide.*

With profits from the sale of kids (baby goats) and the extra milk, Fedeline's family can buy food and pay the children's school fees. The goat is the first thing of value the family has ever owned and they are very proud and beyond thankful.

This Father's Day, honor the men who made a positive difference in your life by giving a gift that can make a lasting change for families living in some of the most remote and disadvantaged regions of the world.

When you buy your goats, please share the name and email of the person for whom you are purchasing them. We will send them a personalized postcard letting them know about the good being done in their name.

Let's give goats a chance.

Give Goats to Families in Need
*UN's Standing Committee on Nutrition (SCN)

With gratitude and grace,

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