Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why Religious Liberty Matters

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By Dr. Mark Latkovic 
As science progresses, particularly ethical medical practices such as NaPro technology, the question arises whether it would ever be morally wrong not to practice NFP when one has a legitimate reason for such practice. For example, if you know that your baby’s life or your own would be put in danger by a pregnancy, is there a moral imperative to practice NFP so as to not unnecessarily risk losing a life?

By Allison LeDoux 
The Fortnight for Freedom is a call to fourteen days of prayer, education, and action for religious freedom. As we’ve seen over the past five years, the need has only grown stronger to persevere in this effort to reclaim a fundamental right that all human persons possess. As with many things we may take for granted, it is only when faced with its loss, that we come to our senses and deepen our appreciation; religious freedom is one such blessing worth reflecting upon.

By Stephanie Pacheco 
I mourn for Stephen Webb even though I did not know him personally. His work in First Things, particularly, “Saving Punishment,” affected me deeply. He was also brave enough to write about Christians and depression, and still, it claimed his life. As a people who exalt life, I can only hope that we can exalt his life and offer consolation to others because our faith has seen depression and suffering and there can be light on the other side of darkness.

He has severe brain damage and he will need to take medications to control seizures. Essentially he will always have to be cared for.  He is so little and is fighting so hard to live.” When asked if she had any regrets she said, “I know in my heart God took the decision about this child directly away from me.  He wanted Jason here. Jason is in his hands. I just have to put my trust in God.”

June 28, 2016


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