Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission Calls for Donna Holman's Immediate Release

72 year old Pro-life Christian Grandmother Incarcerated for 30 days because of Anti-Christian Bigotry

"While murders and rapists run free, a harmless 71 year old Christian grandmother, Donna Holman, must languish in jail for having the temerity of speaking out on behalf of the unborn," said Dr. Gary Cass. "The double standards of justice used against pro-life Christians is staggering. If Donna Holman had been a union or homosexual activist she would have been released and the trumped up charges dropped. Donna is only guilty of caring for the weakest and most vulnerable among us. The courts are guilty of aiding and abetting the abortion industry as it plies its bloody trade on bodies of innocent babies while harming unsuspecting women."

In March, 2007, Donna Holman was convicted of a charge of "Harassment." Donna was arrested November 1, 2006 during a normal sidewalk counseling situation at Planned Parenthood in Iowa City, Iowa. Video of the purported altercation showed no harassment. Judge Karen Egerton found Donna Holman guilty on the hearsay testimony of Planned Parenthood employees. The charges were an apparent setup between Planned Parenthood and Iowa City Police. Two female officers were poised to arrest Donna Holman at Planned Parenthood as the first abortion appointment arrived. The Jane Doe victim/witnesses whom Mrs. Holman purportedly harassed was subpoenaed but did not show up for court. Judge Karen Egerton accepted the hearsay testimony of Planned Parenthood employees in lieu of the "victims" testimony. She rejected defendant's video evidence. Though Mrs. Holman has a constitutional right to confront her accuser, the Iowa Supreme Court, without explanation, denied her application for discretionary review. Donna Holman does not have the financial means to take her case to Federal Court.

Mrs. Holman was given a 30 day suspended sentence pending completion of a year's probation and getting a psychiatric evaluation and recommended medications. She was also given a permanent injunction keeping her from ministering to abortion bound women at Planned Parenthood. The court received a psychological exam of Donna Holman from a counselor licensed in California. Egerton insists that Mrs. Holman have a psychiatric exam by a psychiatrist licensed in Iowa. Mrs. Holman is further ordered to take psychotic drugs if they are prescribed. Donna Holman is refusing to comply with the psychiatric exam and possible medication.

On January 15, 2008, at a revocation hearing in Iowa City, Iowa Judge Karen Egerton ordered sheriff's deputies to take Donna Holman to jail. Egerton ordered Donna Holman to get a psychiatric evaluation, and follow psychiatric advice ( i.e. take prescribed drugs).

Call, e-mail, and FAX your concern to the Judge and Police Department, and the two officers who lied about this Grandma.

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