Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Planned Parenthood, other pro-abortion groups plan to spend tens of millions on 2008 US elections

Giuliani's Campaign In Free-Fall

Romney name-called Gregg Jackson (WRKO host) on air, evaded question on same-sex marriage.

Why I Don't Trust Mitt Romney by Deal W. Hudson

The Clintons' Bad Night - a thumping that far and away exceeds any Clintonian expectations-setting

At the very least we should agree that after 20 bloody years the abortion debate must be resurrected in Canada, for the sake of freedom if nothing else - Michael Coren

Experts blame socio-economic status, lack of education, inadequate access to contraception for increased US birth rates, but teens say otherwise

New book on the collapse of Boston's Catholic Culture - "the homosexual influence within the American clergy is even stronger today than it was before the sex-abuse scandal erupted" and "the administrative malfeasance of American bishops has still not been acknowledged". "US bishops have responded to these crises by protecting each other" - "the scandal of episcopal misconduct, is today the most serious of all"

Cardinal Mahony, very likely, will never suffer fate of Cardinal Law -- forced to resign, etc. -- because he is being protected by "old-boys network" and Los Angeles Times

The war over the polar bear - Who's telling the truth? Huge politics also at play - 5,000 polar bears in 1973, 25,000 today -

Conservatives, Liberals running campaign training sessions across Canada

Maclean's looks at who's in, who's out, and who has real power in Ottawa.

Atheism and Fatherlessness

Homosexual movement focusing on changing Massachusetts laws in 2008. Plus, good bills filed to take back our rights.

Both sides filed final briefs in federal appeals court on David Parker's civil rights case.