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Catholic pizza billionaire Tom Monaghan backs Romney

Public schools: The new red-light district?

Man lives 34 years with trisomy 13 and 18

Singapore to create animals with human DNA

A UK fertility centre has started a scheme offering half-price IVF treatment for women who donate their eggs to research

The conclusion is inescapable that more condoms mean more cases of AIDS and more deaths - Zenit News report

Indiana Senate Drops Christian Prayers after ACLU Threats

Ten Commandments Return to Kentucky Courthouse

Climate Debate Daily - presents numerous reports on both sides

RE Guiliani: A pro-abortion nominee would shatter Reagan's coalition

Mark Steyn doesn't see any winners coming out of New Hampshire on the Republican side

The many voices of Hillary Rodham Clinton By Michelle Malkin

Two election nights into 2008, we have no idea how this is going to end - Kathryn Jean Lopez

The revolution of U.S. presidential hopeful Ron Paul

Mark Steyn: It's the secular Left vs. the Christian Left

Giuliani Might As Well Work On His Tan - Deal W. Hudson

'Pro-choicers' worried about growing number of men who say they have been traumatized by wives' or girlfriends' abortions

"Sarah's Law" - Proposed initiative would require family member chosen by girl affected be notified before minor could undergo abortion

United Nations and crusading celebrities are simply wrong; Environmental extremism must be put in its place in the climate debate By Dr. Tim Ball & Tom Harris

Conservatives stepping up efforts to finally crack Toronto region's 'swing' ridings

Five million Canadians are currently without a family doctor-and things are only getting worse

Public schools ignore Religious Freedom Day despite presidential proclamations for 15 years

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