Friday, January 4, 2008 NewsBytes

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UK sex lessons not halting rise in teen pregnancy

Girls fainting after painful HPV vaccine - Gardasil gaining reputation as most painful of childhood shots, experts say

New "Right-to-know" Web site launched

Adventures in Pill Land

Spanish leaders want bishops' apology for pro-family rally

Friday Five: Pro-Life Hero Norma McCorvey - Thirty-five years after historic Roe v. Wade ruling, 'Jane Roe' is living for the Lord.

5 Characters Reject Abortion in a Cultural Shift in Movies By Rick Santorum

Dr. Dobson: Media 'Dead Wrong' About Values Voters

Rush Limbaugh - Huck 'not a conservative'

Politically active pastors in Iowa receive anonymous warning letters leading up to caucus

Huckabee to Limbaugh: I'm a true conservative

Huckabee Described As 'Christian Socialist'

Political history a warning for early-season winners

Advertisers pick up slack, and clean up TV

Mark Steyn - In rebuttal to angry Canadian Muslims: Squashing debate like mosquitoes

A cold spell soon to replace global warming

Global warming not only culprit in Arctic thaw: Study

Bishop blasted for call to scrap safe sex teaching

Vatican to reinforce shift on Latin Mass - a "crisis of obedience" toward the pontiff 's+paper+A+to+Z

Sarkozy and Secularism ;