Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Pro-Life Group Launches Personhood Amendment in W.Virginia

West Virginia State Seal

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New Pro-Life Group Launches Personhood Amendment in West Virginia's Oldest County

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new West Virginia prolife organization, PersonhoodWV, is springing to life in West Virginia this week. PersonhoodWV will hold their first meeting in Hampshire County, with PersonhoodUSA co-founder Cal Zastrow introducing the mission of the statewide personhood amendment and answering questions. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 27th at 5:30 pm at the Augusta Church of Christ on Route 50. 

Seeking to partner with Christian and pro-life leaders, activists, and volunteers to form a statewide, grassroots coalition, PersonhoodWV will proceed with one purpose in mind -- to amend West Virginia's state Constitution so that every child is protected by love and by law as a person. With their first meeting in Hampshire County, West Virginia's oldest county, PersonhoodWV is poised to take on the issues of life and personhood with strength and commitment. 

PersonhoodWV will be assisted by PersonhoodUSA, a national organization, and will be working from a Christian perspective, using peaceful activism, legislative efforts, and organized communication. The goal is to reach every voter in West Virginia with the message of Personhood and the great need for the establishment of the right of personhood for ALL humans. 

The amendment process in West Virginia will require the state legislators to vote on the proposed amendment language and, if passed, the public will have the opportunity to vote the amendment into law during the next election. This process gives the voters a direct say in the matter of personhood for the vulnerable. PersonhoodWV will be vigorously campaigning to inform the residents of West Virginia about this pressing issue. 

Local leaders of this effort are sisters Abby and Millie Kirk of Slanesville. "It is my deep hope," says Abby, "that people who sincerely care about this issue, especially Christians, will finally overcome the apathy or discouragement that is holding them back. Together, we plan to let the whole state of West Virginia and the country know that we have a plan to change things and the passion to carry out that plan." Millie adds, "We're really excited -- we hope to hit the ground running." 

PersonhoodWV is calling on all Christians and pro-life leaders to unite on this issue and get involved by announcing the opinion petition drive and networking with other leaders throughout the state. Dedicated volunteers will be collecting signatures from their churches, parishes, organizations, and at community events.