Saturday, July 31, 2010

News from the Trenches: “Something is telling me it isn't right"

Outside two Sacramento Planned Parenthood centers


(Republished with permission from "Blessings from the Sidewalk," Helpers of God's Precious Infants, Sacramento.) 

July 22, 2010, Planned Parenthood, 29th & B, Sacramento 

I typically do not pray on Thursdays at the abortion center, but today while at home I felt a gentle prompting to go out and pray. I discerned that I would report to PP at 3 p.m. and pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy. 

Within a short time at the sidewalk, "Starflower" passed by me and I offered her my alternative pro-life material. Although initially very cautious, she eventually accepted my information after dialoging with me about its contents. Amazingly, she physically resembled my own biological daughter and offered me a gift of tiny flowers wrapped in a napkin. 

I accepted her impromptu gift. I immediately began discussing the sanctity of life from the moment of conception, as well as explaining the practical help available to women facing an abortion. I continued, "Even if a mom is considering aborting her baby, she will still remain a mom forever because you just can't erase motherhood!" She began sharing her personal interest in Mother Earth, preserving the environment and protecting animal rights. Interjecting, I said, "Yes, human beings do play the most important role in this ecosystem by continuing the cycle of Life designed by God." 

At this point, she began confiding that she was pregnant and then slowly began displaying the small paper sack that held the contents of her RU-40 pills. She suddenly acknowledged, "I really just can't do this, I mean take them. Something is telling me it isn't right." I listened. 

We continued dialoguing for over thirty minutes, allowing ample time for developing rapport with each other, and at this point her heart began opening up to seek alternative help. She asked me for my telephone number in case she had further questions about the alternative services. She admitted, "It was only a one night stand." As she continued gazing at the little photo of the eleven week baby, she began confessing, "I have already done this once before." 

I continued offering her support and explaining the additional health risks of breast cancer and suicide. I also emphasized, "This is the fruit of the womb. Only you can decide to give your baby life it's in your hands." 

She asked once again for information about the alternative life center, and I pulled out the Life Center pamphlet and wrote these words on it: "God bless you and may you have the courage to choose life." 

At this point she needed to catch her bus, so we both hugged each other briefly before she departed as I whispered into her ear, "May God bless you." She responded, "God bless you, too." 

July 17, 2010, Planned Parenthood, 5385 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento 

Today a group of eight regular Helpers came out and prayed the Holy Rosary in the hot, summer heat. I served as the sidewalk counselor and attempted to distribute pro-life materials to people entering and exiting the parking lot. 

Near departing time, two unrelated individuals came over and joined our group in prayer, bringing the total to 10 Helpers. The new female Helper disclosed to me that she had ten children ranging from 22 to 10 years old. She confided that she had not been to church in many years and had never learned to pray the Holy Rosary. 

She asked, "Would you teach me and my children to pray the rosary and go to church with me?" I agreed, we exchanged phone numbers and will set a date to meet with her and her ten children and make arrangements for her and her children to attend Holy Mass with me at my church someday.