Monday, July 26, 2010

Joe Scheidler to Lead Hospital Protest:

Joe Scheidler to Lead Hospital Protest and Press Conference with Durango Life Advocacy Group LifeGuard

DURANGO, Colo., July 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- LifeGuard will hold a press conference on Thursday, July 29, to divulge the details of the ongoing relationship between Catholic hospital Mercy Regional Medical Center and abortion provider Grossman.

"A Catholic Hospital that grants full privileges to a Doctor who brutally murders babies every week is NOT a Catholic Hospital," stated Joe Scheidler, National Director of the Pro-Life Action League. "Mercy Regional can no longer ignore this issue. We hope to send a clear message -- we want Dr. Grossman out of there."

Speakers will include Joe Scheidler, National Director of the Pro-Life Action League, Father Fessio, founder of Ignatius Press, Walter Hoye, Founder of the California Civil Rights Foundation, Gualberto Garcia-Jones of Personhood Colorado, and Dan Anguis, LifeGuard Director. These national leaders will explain the serious breach of directive 45 of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Services, which states in part, "Catholic health care institutions need to be concerned about the danger of scandal in any association with abortion providers."

Press Conference Details:

LifeGuard Press Conference and Protest of Mercy Regional Medical Center

Joe Scheidler, Father Fessio, Walter Hoye, Gualberto Garcia-Jones, and Dan Anguis

1010 Three Springs Blvd. in Durango, Colorado, outside of the entrance to Mercy Regional Medical Center.

Thursday, July 29, at 2:00pm

"Catholic parents who come to Mercy Regional have a right to expect that their child will be received by the hands of a physician who holds all life sacred -- not the hands that earlier that week held the instruments of abortion to destroy the life of some other innocent baby," continued Scheidler. "The presence of an abortion provider on the staff of a Catholic hospital is contrary to Catholic social teaching and Catholic moral values. We plead with Mercy to exhort abortionist Grossman to give up his abortion career or resign from the hospital staff."

Since its inception in 2006, LifeGuard has been dedicated to education for individuals and the public on human reproduction, adoption, the effects of abortion, strengthening the institution of marriage through Creighton Model Fertility Care (Natural Family Planning) and promoting civil rights for all people. Our mission has and will always be educating the public and offering help to those in need, through the best means possible. Life should be protected and honored at all stages and we are here to see that this happens.