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July 14, 2010
Government set to funnel pregnancy care
money to PP
How a county commissioner or other local
official can protect a community from Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood abandons beleaguered
location; moving to larger building in Colorado Springs
PP offers government-subsidized services
targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood
through Mary: East Coast and West Coast vigils
STOPP launches new website
Government set to funnel pregnancy care money to
The National Healthy
Babies, Healthy Mothers Coalition -- of which Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher
Institute is a member -- helped start a program that has been cited as a model
for receipt of the $24 million in pregnancy assistance
money set aside under Obama's health care for each fiscal year
through 2019.

Though the money is a miniscule amount compared to the $350 million funneled

into Planned Parenthood annually through government grants and programs,
million annual pregnancy assistance fund will no doubt be used by
the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood to demonstrate their "support"
for pregnant women who choose not to kill their preborn children, thus keeping
the other, more lucrative government funds flowing via the river of

Planned Parenthood Federation of America's 2008 Annual Report, the most recent

it has released, showed only 10,914 prenatal clients, compared to 305,310

Pregnancy assistance money should go to pregnancy help centers, not Planned

Parenthood.  It is urgent that we stop all government funding of Planned
Parenthood.  Click here to read our proven plan for
defunding Planned Parenthood.

How a

county commissioner or other local official can protect a community from
Planned Parenthood

It is important that pro-life individuals seek

positions in the community that will enable them to protect local children,
teens and families from Planned Parenthood.  STOPP's founder, Jim Sedlak,
has compiled this list of some actions a county commissioner or other local
official can take to mitigate Planned Parenthood's influence and subsequent
damage in a community.
1) Ensure that no
county agency has any contracts with Planned Parenthood. Typically, PP will try
to enter into contracts with the county health department, the county offices
of social services, and any county youth services agency (as well as other
county groups). The county commissioner can pass resolutions and monitor
contracts to keep Planned Parenthood out.
a) The county
commissioner can make it well known that the prohibition on funding of Planned
Parenthood is not only in contracts that use county money, but extends to
contracts where the state or federal government is providing the funds – as
long as the approval process must go through county-level agencies, Planned
Parenthood should not receive any money.
b) In addition, any
contracts awarded to other groups should contain a clause prohibiting that
group from sub-contracting to or otherwise engaging Planned Parenthood in any
activity funded through the contract.
2) Ensure that
Planned Parenthood personnel are not allowed to participate in any task force,
commission or other study group or action committee that is funded in whole or
in part by the county.
3) Ensure that no
Planned Parenthood personnel are used to teach any programs under the auspices
of the county government. For example, the department of Social Services might
want to bring a Planned Parenthood person in to give a class on family planning
to women. The county commissioner should do everything possible to prevent this
from happening.
4) Ensure that no
literature produced by, or endorsed by, Planned Parenthood is used in any way
in any program or agency funded with county money. This literature includes
those directly produced by Planned Parenthood or those produced by like-minded
publishers such as Network Publications or ETR Associates, etc.
5) Prohibit any
county employee from referring anyone to Planned Parenthood for any service.
Planned Parenthood counts on these government referrals not only for business,
but to give it an air of credibility.
6) Add language to
any bill that funds public entities (e.g. libraries, schools, 4-H clubs; Girl
Scouts; etc) that the receiver of the funds must not allow Planned Parenthood
access to its clients/students; must not distribute PP literature; must not
enter into any contracts with PP; and must not refer anyone to Planned
7) Within the
county's zoning code, create a "medical zone" and ensure that Planned
Parenthood clinics must be located in those zones. In other words, through
legal zoning, keep Planned Parenthood away from residential areas and,
especially, schools. Because of the increasing evidence of Planned Parenthood
protecting statutory rapists and other predators, amend the county's zoning
code so that Planned Parenthood offices are not allowed within a mile of any
schools or day care centers.
These are examples
of the kinds of things a county commissioner (or city council member or member
of a town board) can do to protect citizens from Planned Parenthood. In
general, the commissioner should be always looking for ways to "keep Planned
Parenthood away from our money and away from our children." Any action that
accomplishes one of both of those goals is going to be very beneficial to the
county in general.

Planned Parenthood abandons

beleaguered location; moving to larger building in Colorado

"They can run but they cannot hide," said

pro-life activist Stephanie Kemp, speaking of Planned Parenthood's move after
years of pro-life activism at its abortion center in Colorado Springs, and its
relocation to a medical building off of Centennial Boulevard. 

While the closing is good news for Old Colorado City neighborhood residents,

the move from a former 7-11 convenience store into an 11,000 square foot
medical space is terrible news for the entire community.  Historically
speaking, however, when Planned Parenthood begins changing locations, permanent
closures often follow.

The promise of millions of dollars being pumped into PP by Obama Care is the

recently developing factor that is prompting the PP moves into larger

Local pro-lifers credit the weekly Mass celebrated on the sidewalk outside the

PP facility, an adoration chapel across the street, a nearby pregnancy help
center, and unrelenting prayer and pro-life activity around the former facility
for the abandonment of the Old Colorado City neighborhood, and pledge to
persevere with even greater zeal at the new location.

The new PP facility is on a private road nearly 200 yards away from the public

right of way, but pro-life leaders are already formulating plans for effective
witness.  Those in the Colorado Springs area who can assist in this battle
can contact Fr. Bill Carmody or Stephanie Kemp.


Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary:  East Coast and West Coast

On July 13, the missionary image of Our Lady

of Guadalupe traveled to Poughkeepsie, NY, and was taken to Planned Parenthood
for a prayer vigil. "The power of Our Lady is awesome and we hope to see much
of it throughout the day," an advance notice from organizers said.

And on the West Coast, St. Stephen Catholic Church and the World Apostolate of

Fatima are joining forces to bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through
Mary.  The celebration will begin on Saturday, July 24, with 9 am Mass at
St. Stephen's. Participants will then proceed to the PP abortuary on SE 50th,
one block North of Powell Blvd. for a rosary vigil. The prayer vigil will
continue until noon, when participants will return to St. Stephen's for
lunch.  All pro-life supporters are urged to attend.

To read more about STOPP's crucial nationwide campaign, Bringing Jesus to

Planned Parenthood through Mary, please click here.

STOPP launches new


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new, greatly improved website

that will make it even easier for you to obtain the information you need to
fight Planned Parenthood.

Still located at,
the website has a new feel and look.  It focuses on our campaign, Bringing
Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, and the three major avenues of our
plan to stop Planned Parenthood:  getting PP out of your community,
keeping PP out of your schools, and defeating public funding of PP.

You'll find our most current reports and analyses, media releases and news

stories, and all the statistics and reference materials you need to prevail in
your battle against Planned Parenthood.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new website is our Wednesday STOPP

Report section, where we have converted the archived editions of The Wednesday
STOPP Report to make them searchable. 

Now, when you remember reading something about a certain subject but can't

remember what issue it was in, simply go to the Wednesday STOPP Report area
from the top menu and type your search inquiry.  You will be amazed how
this will help with your research in fighting Planned Parenthood.
We will continue to archive the old editions of the Wednesday STOPP Report, and
when that is finished, we will begin archiving the predecessor of the WSR, the
Ryan Report, so that all the valuable information that has been written in our
newsletters over the years will be available to you in searchable format.

Our map room is constantly updated, and will give you the latest information

about the location of Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the nation, and
contact information for protest leaders.  If you are aware of a local
protest that is not listed, please contact us so we can add it to our

You will also find several options for donating to our life-saving work via the

website, as well as a link to American Life League's pro-life

We will be constantly adding materials and updating the new

website.   Please let us know of anything you would like to see
added, or any problems you encounter with the website.  Together, we will
make this website your primary toolbox for getting Planned Parenthood out of
Support STOPP
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