Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moms, Babies Served by Heartbeat Pregnancy Help Centers Share Their Gratitude with Congress

WASHINGTON, Jluy 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Women, who rejected the choice to abort their babies, bring their children to Washington D.C. as part of Heartbeat's Babies Go to Congress(tm). Heartbeat International provides an opportunity on Capitol Hill for women to speak publicly about their gratitude for the support they received when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Moms will testify before elected officials that pregnancy help centers are good for America. 

Danica Fountain of Arizona felt pressured to abort her baby, but she says, "I was absolutely shocked to see that this so called 'blob of tissue,' the term I so commonly heard people use when referencing a pregnancy this early on, was in fact a fully formed baby! She had a head, arms and legs." 

"When I saw my baby's heart beating I knew I would do anything to protect my child," said Fountain, who will meet with members of Congress this week. "The emotional support I received from the pregnancy center helped me realize that I could succeed as a single mom. So I continued in my full time position, knowing they were there if I needed more encouragement or practical help. I can never thank the Women's Center of Tucson enough." 

"I am grateful that these busy moms have made it a priority to travel to our Nation's capital to share such positive things about pregnancy help centers," said Heartbeat President Peggy Hartshorn, Ph.D. "This is a testament to the fact that our elected officials need to support public policy that preserves the bond between mother and child." 

"These moms and babies put real faces on the abortion issue as they testify to the fact that pregnancy help centers are serving women," said Heartbeat Public Policy/PR Director Virginia Cline. "Heartbeat affiliates provide options and resources for pregnant women who are not satisfied with the choice to abort a child. Families are strengthened by the life affirming work of pregnancy help ministries." 

"Aid for Women assisted me throughout my pregnancy and well after my daughter was born. Ever since, they have been my rock," said Terrie Thompson, a client of Heartbeat's Chicago affiliate. "They have remained steadfast. When I lost my apartment, they helped me find shelter. When I couldn't work, they supported me financially, and when I needed support, they were there for me emotionally. They listen with an open ear and heart, and always help me find solutions. For that, I thank them."