Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
Dear Supporter of the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization,
We are less than 10 weeks away from the start of the Sept. 29th - Oct. 7th PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES.  This Novena consists of the 10,000 Masses for Unborn Babies Novena and the 10,000 Rosary Novenas for Unborn Babies.  I am thankful for everyone who has already registered(presently, there are over 80 Masses registered and more than 100 Rosary Novenas registered.  The count is being kept at the homepage of the website www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org).
During the last 50 or so years, there have been some one billion unborn babies surgically killed throughout the world(this number does not include the unborn babies killed in a non-surgical way).  This massacre of a particular group of people has no equal in history!  
If you have not already done so, I hope you will do each of the following:  
1) Send your bishop a copy of the "Bulletin Insert/Poster"(the poster can be downloaded by going to www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org/BulletinInsert.pdf ) In a personal note, ask your bishop to:
a) Participate in the PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES; and,
b) Promote the Novena to each priest within the diocese;
2) Send the priest(s) at your parish a copy of the "Bulletin Insert/Poster"(see #1 for the download information).  Ask the priest(s) to:
a) Participate in the PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES; and,
b) Verbally promote the Novena to parishioners and put the "Bulletin Insert/Poster" in the parish bulletin;
3) If you have not already done so, schedule to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered one or more times at your parish(Sept. 29th - Oct. 7th) for the following intention: For the protection of unborn human persons.  If you have never had a Mass scheduled, just call the parish office(preferably on Tuesday, July 27th) and ask how it is done.  You may also schedule one or more Masses by contacting a religious order, etc.  Be sure to register the Mass(es) at the website www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org  (The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization's website also has a section titled "How to have one or more Masses offered" which gives helpful information.)
4) If you have not already done so, plan on praying the Rosary as a participant in the PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES. (Be sure to register at the website www.SaintMichaelTheArchangelOrganization.org )
5) Lastly, please let other people such as family members, friends, etc. know about the September 29th - October 7th PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES.
Please contact me if you need to.
Patrick Benedict
Saint Michael the Archangel Organization
p.s. The 11"x 17" poster for the PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES looks great.  This poster may be hung at an appropriate place within parishes, schools,  etc.  Would you be willing to send a non-tax deductible donation of at least $10 with a request that 2 of these posters be sent to you?  If the answer is "yes," please send your donation and request to:
Saint Michael the Archangel Organization
P. O. Box 41257
Memphis, Tennessee 38174