Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Personhood in Montana Delayed, Not Defeated

BILLINGS, Mont., July 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Montana Personhood Amendment Initiative CI-102 volunteers received news yesterday that they were just 6,000 signatures short of the required 48,674 signatures to put Personhood on the 2010 ballot.

"These are all volunteer signatures, which is an amazing feat in and of itself." commented Chet Gallagher, Personhood volunteer. These folks, both with the Montana ProLife Coalition and Personhood Montana, were working nonstop evenings and weekends to collect signatures, while most campaigns hire professionals. The hardworking volunteers see this as a stepping stone to victory in 2012."

The Montana ProLife Coalition and Personhood Montana see the victory in submitting well over the required number of signatures, though not all signatures were certified as valid. Personhood volunteers collected nearly double the signatures that they collected in 2008, and as the trend continues, organizers are confident that Montana will see Personhood on the ballot in 2012. It has been reported that the CI-102 initiative broke records for volunteer signatures in Montana.

"All unpaid volunteers, this grassroots prolife network will work to influence the November elections and bills during the 2011 legislative session," pledged Dr. Annie Bukacek, amendment organizer. "The killing of innocent humans is not compatible with a civilized society. We have barely begun the fight for the rights and liberties of unborn babies, and we will keep working at it until their personhood is established in our Montana Constitution."

"Jesus Christ is building a movement for personhood rights of babies across the country," explained Cal Zastrow, co-founder of Personhood USA. "He will continue to build in Montana, and they will stand ready. Although this year Montana citizens will not have the opportunity to end baby murder, we know will we have the chance in the very near future to protect every Montana citizen, no matter how small."