Thursday, July 15, 2010

Controversial chief justice of California Supreme Court calling it quits

California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George, who wrote the majority opinion in a 2008 case legalizing same-sex marriage that was eventually overturned by voters, is retiring from the bench. George also wrote the majority opinion overturning a 1987 law passed by the state legislature requiring parental consent before a minor could undergo an abortion. 

"Chief Justice Ronald M. George today announced that he will not seek re-election as Chief Justice of California in the November 2010 general election," said a press release issued yesterday by the Judicial Council of California. "He will conclude his current term of office as Chief Justice on January 2, 2011, after 38 years of service on state courts." 

"I have informed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that I shall conclude my service as Chief Justice of California with my current term of office, and shall not seek re-election during the approaching filing period," George said in a prepared statement. "On January 2, 2011, after 38 years' service, including 19 years on the California Supreme Court, I shall leave California's judiciary." 

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