Thursday, December 23, 2010

ALL Pro-Life Today: Humility, Poverty and the Conversion of America

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Humility, Poverty and the Conversion of America

Judie BrownWhat can be found in the manger scene? What lessons can be learned from a family that is poor by worldly standards but that is rich beyond all telling in the only thing that matters? Judie Brown would like to share her perspective.

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ALL:  Investigation reveals sterilizations through Catholic Healthcare West


American Life League issued a report linking one of the nation's leading Catholic hospital chains with sterilization. Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is the parent company of St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, where an abortion took place in late 2009.

[ Read the full report | Download PDF ]

Praise, ridicule over abortion stance 'doesn't matter,' only fidelity to Christ, says Phoenix bishop
Life Site News
Despite a bombardment of outrage from media and leftist activist organizations, the bishop responsible for revoking the Catholic status of a hospital that performed a direct abortion says that the backlash matters little to him, as long as he's being faithful to the teachings of Christ.

In a press conference (see video imbedded in article) announcing his decision Tuesday, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix explained that his assessment of the situation at St. Joseph's Hospital was supported by the doctrinal committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in addition to his own panel of experts, working with the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Catholic Health Association defies Phoenix bishop over abortion case
The Catholic Health Association has once again found itself at odds with Church authority- this time, over Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted's decision to revoke the Catholic status of a hospital that admitted to serious ethics violations, including a highly-publicized abortion. "Catholic Healthcare West and its system hospitals are valued members of the Catholic Health Association," said that group's president, Sister Carol Keehan. Her remarks came less than 24 hours after the Bishop of Phoenix stripped one of those hospitals, St. Joseph's in Phoenix, of its Catholic affiliation.
Planned Parenthood plans to expand abortion services nationwide
Daily Caller

Abortion may soon be more readily available than ever before, thanks to a new requirement from Planned Parenthood that more of its centers nationwide offer the service. At least one local chapter so far has decided to withdraw from the network rather than comply. A local office of Planned Parenthood in South Texas is dropping out of the nationwide network of "America's most trusted provider of reproductive health care" starting January 1. According to local news reports, Planned Parenthood is planning on standardizing all of its agencies, which includes requiring that every single one offer abortion services.

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