Friday, December 17, 2010

News from the Trenches:

“This couple chose to keep the baby”

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road, San Diego, Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010


Anne noticed a girl wearing pajama pants who had just climbed the stairs to the second floor of the building that houses the abortuary. She knew that those pajama pants meant the girl was seeking an abortion since when women call in for an appointment, the staff at the abortion mill requests that they wear something comfortable. 

Anne noticed that the boyfriend who had dropped the girl off and parked their car was now approaching the stairs. She went up to him and offered him information on the abortionist’s malpractice record. The boyfriend said that he had already received information from someone, gesturing toward a driveway where a counselor named David was giving out information. 

“And you still want your friend to go in there?” asked Anne. The boyfriend asked the counselor if she was only doing this because she is pro-life. The counselor responded, "Yes and no." She then related the horrific stories about the abortionist that she had heard from counselors who had spoken with women who had returned to this abortuary complaining of infection because of baby body parts left in their uterus, severe bleeding and other maladies. Anne told him that their Christmas would not be the same if he let his girlfriend go in there. 

The security guard came up to them and said that they could not talk there. The boyfriend climbed the stairs and at the top landing spoke briefly with the girl. Then they both descended the stairs got in to their car and drove to the driveway where Anne was now standing. The counselor spoke to both of them telling them she had a bad feeling about this for them. The boyfriend said that they were glad to be leaving and that they were going to talk things over. 

Anne encouraged them to make an appointment at the Culture of Life and Family Services Clinic (COLFS). A few days later Anne found out that this couple did go to COLFS and chose to keep the baby. The couple’s initials were “G” and “C.” 

Later Anne stopped two women going up the stairs. One was sobbing. The other woman was very hostile and kept saying that it was her friend’s choice and that there were consequences no matter what direction she takes. Anne told her she was concerned for her friend’s health because of the abortionist’s history of negligence. The hostile woman responded that she had already brought a couple of friends to this place and they did not have problems. Anne spoke to the sobbing abortion-intent woman, gave her a hug and told her she knew she did not want to go through with this. Anne urged them to go to COLFS. 

The crying woman motioned that she wanted to leave and they went to their car. The women called COLFS and made an appointment for that morning. But then they called back a few moments later saying that they would have the ultrasound at FPA. When Anne saw the woman later that morning leaving the abortuary, it appeared she had the abortion. 

A Hispanic couple stopped to speak with Anne near the stairs. When she realized that they spoke no English, she used her cell phone to call Luis, another counselor, who speaks Spanish. Luis spoke to them, but the woman became agitated saying that she was there to shop for furniture. Both counselors thought this might be a ruse, and Luis tried to give her a Spanish brochure that outlined the malpractice history of the abortionist. The woman refused to take it and walked into a furniture store and her boyfriend drove off. Moments later Anne saw the woman entering the abortion mill. 

Terry, a counselor at another driveway, intercepted a car with two women. After informing them of the abortionist’s malpractice history she asked which of them was pregnant. The passenger said that she was about six weeks pregnant. The sidewalk counselor gave the driver a COLFS business card. Before she could say anything further, the driver said, “Oh we don’t need that. My husband is a physician. We’re just going in there to check things out.” They drove in and within less than ten minutes they came back out, got in their car and left. 

-- Terry, Anne, David and Luis